Thursday, December 29, 2016

Last 2016 Giveaways

The year is rapidly closing and I'm only slowly winnowing my pattern collection.  But here are some final giveaways for 2016.  Once again, I will pay postage anywhere in the world for these to find a new home.  Leave a comment below or email me at and tell me which pattern would be a good addition to your collection.  Winners will be selected in the evening on Tuesday, January 3 since we will be out of town for the New Year.  

An uncut pattern that I never did use..

I did make this jacket about fifteen years ago and the fabric was a good choice but the dropped shoulder look is not good on my ski slope shoulders...uncut pattern since I had finally learned about tracing patterns;-)  I have fond memories of this one because I was finally learning how careful finishing techniques can make a garment look so sophisticated.  

No time to do an end of year review although I do enjoy reading them.  Instead my head is spinning with plans for new projects, my sewing room is bursting with pattern pieces marked up and fabric ready for cutting and I am getting so excited about the late January Winchester, VA sewing retreat sponsored by my wonderful American Sewing Guild Northern Virginia chapter.  My hotel reservations are made, now it's time to get serious about what projects I will be taking.  I'm also packing for two months in Florida this winter now that Mr. Lucky has resigned from his duties as a volunteer ski patroller.  He'll be skiing a few times in January but as a customer, not as a patroller.  Two months away from my sewing room means I have to think long and hard about projects and pack carefully to have everything I need.  More on all of this later.  Until then, happy new year to all!


  1. I would make either one of these patterns - however the mission jacket would be my first choice.

  2. The Mission jacket looks interesting. My work office is always cold, so jackets are my friend in winter and summer!

  3. I would also love the Mission jacket please.

  4. Hi Jane! I'd love to have a go at the Mission jacket. Looks like just the thing for the central coast in California. Thanks for the generous give always!

  5. I would love to try the Thai coat. Great for spring. enjoy your winter.

  6. Wishing you and your husband a Very Happy New Year! (I am not posting comment to enter, as I already received a pattern from you)


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