Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Pattern Giveaway, Week Two and an Apron/Smock

Let's continue with cleaning out my pattern collection in week 2 of my giveaway.  Seems like the Sewing Workshop patterns continue to be popular so here are a few more as well as seasonal coat patterns that might interest some readers.  Once again, make a comment below with the name(s) of the pattern that you would like to win or email me janem1960@gmail.com.  Entries should be in by this Sunday, Dec. 12, for the drawing at 9pm.  Postage is on me this month.

Sewing Workshop Kinenbi Top
Before I learned about tracing patterns so this one has the top already trimmed to a size Medium and the pants to a size L.  

Another one already trimmed to size M
Both have lots of ease so don't let Medium deter you.

And now a pattern from one sewing friend to another to another....and now to one of you.

Maybe it's cold weather where you are and a new coat is on your project list:

I do have a seasonally sparkly sewing project in my sewing room to wear this weekend but this emergency request came in last week from my cousin three states away.  She sent me a text of her wearing an apron/smock asking me if I could make a copy.  Since she is a dear cousin and wonderful friend I said sure....and we all know that opens up a can of worms.  At first I just thought she wanted a new apron....and I have at least six different apron patterns in my collection. 
"Would you be able to copy this?"
But no, she really wanted an exact copy and thought perhaps I could just design it from the picture.  Hmmmm, I know some you of could do that in a flash.  Me, not my skill set.  So we discussed what she liked (the full frontal coverage, the no ties easy on and off) and what she didn't (needs a pocket or two and maybe a towel that she could remove and launder.)  She did agree, reluctantly, to send me the actual apron so I could copy it to the best of my ability.
The apron arrived two days later and one of the things I noticed was that it was most likely sewn from two old sheets.  They are very thin but very soft which does make it comfortable to use. She bought it at a charity holiday sale and has a sixties/seventies flowered sheet vibe to it, great way to refashion when bedding is damaged.
Single button closure. 

First step was to trace it (I used soil separator fabric to start this project.) 

First pattern
I pulled this soft cotton fabric from my stash hoard resource center and had enough to do a self-lining and also a front pocket, 10 inches deep along the bottom hem.  I decided not to do piping on this first version, I really want her to just try it on for size, shape and function.  
Front pocket
Two layers and front pocket but forgot to take a final picture after sewing the shoulder seams.
I did spend some time looking at tutorials and youtube videos for cross over apron styles today.  This delightful video reminded me how to sew up the apron and sew together the shoulder seams (leave a four inch opening on a side seam....reach through and sew front to back shoulder seam on each side.)  This particular video shows an adorable fully reversible child's apron and I bookmarked it for a future gift idea.

There are also lovely Japanese cross over and apron styles and tutorials in the virtual world.  I found this sweet site, Felicity Sewing Patterns with patterns for boys and girls and a cross back apron for an adult and child.  Crossback apron

I will be working up one or two other variations to send along to my cousin at a later date now that I'm understanding her priorities a bit more.  For now, since she is in the midst of holiday cooking and cleaning, I had to get a decent prototype made and in the mail to her pronto.  I was working on a deadline to get to the post office so I don't even have a finished picture to share.  I'm not thrilled with the final neckline which is most likely a shoulder slope issue as much as the neckline width.  But as I explained to her, the first version is often a "wearable muslin" that shows us what changes to make next for "good fabric."  As for me, I might go the crossover apron route this year as well.  I've made several aprons in past years Simplicity 3701 aprons
and they get plenty of use but just like in all fashion, maybe it's time for a new apron silhouette in my wardrobe.
Here's hoping you are enjoying some sewing challenges in your sewing room.  Now it's time for me to get back to that sparkly stuff.


  1. Google möbius aprons- a whole slew of patterns come up

  2. I really like the Points and Pleats pattern.

    People can be funny about aprons and only like certain types.

  3. I have a mobius type apron and love it, but can get completely tangled trying to put it on ;-)
    I would love either of the Sewing Workshop patterns. I already have Points and Pleats.

  4. Hi! I'd like a chance at the Sandra Betzina Sewing Workshop coat! thanks!

  5. Loved your clever fix on the apron problem. Very pretty result. One day I will probably have to do a pattern give-away like you, but not yet! Still collecting. If I win, I would be interested in the Sewing Workshop pattern or the Kwik Sew coat.

  6. Hi! I would love a chance at the Kinebi top and pant. Thanks!

  7. Hi from South Carolina! This is so nice of you to offer these patterns--My favorite for this week's choice is Points and Pleats (53001). I am retired but I do work half days at a preschool with 3s, 4s and 5s, and I am look for tops to wear that will be comfortable yet nice looking and this would fit the bill. Enjoyed your pattern segment with the apron--I can also use those now!

  8. I like the Vogue 7807 and Kwik Sew 2742, thank You for the giveaway!

  9. Thanks for the link to that free crossback apron. I made an apron for myself today but it was just a basic chef apron, not nearly as cool as the one you linked or the one you made for your cousin. You're very kind to make one for her.

    No patterns for me; I have plenty!


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