Tuesday, February 26, 2013

More TNT Sewing for Relaxation

It's such a joy to have a hobby that provides a creative distraction and some bright new clothes.  In the last two weeks I've been stitching up a few of these previously cut out sewing projects.  I stashed them earlier this winter when I knew my cutting table would leave so I could stage the sewing room as a combo bedroom and office/craft space.  So nothing new or complicated this past month.....which is good because I'm definitely distracted.  But I do have a few new items in my wardrobe and some nice time focusing on fabric and clothing rather than just real estate.  
Another pair of Elle pants from Style Arc
Another Pamela's Patterns Magic Pencil Skirt
I've also been doing a lot of enjoyable reading.   These are sweet, heart warming books with kind, thoughtful people seeking to share their talents, skills and care with others.  Just what I need right about now.

Well, maybe just some crazy New Jersey sexy fun for diversion as well:

Finally, what makes all of the real estate uncertainty bearable are my wonderful family and friends who are so kind, funny, supportive and thoroughly amusing.  Here are some of the activities that we've been sharing that lift my spirits.   

We've been to the theater with friends and I was captivated by the play Time Stands Still.  Two years ago it played on Broadway with Laura Linney and I was thrilled that it came to our wonderful Florida Rep Theater in Fort Myers.  It's not a comfortable play....dealing with the lives of two war journalists home after nine years covering the mid-east conflicts.  But there are moments of laughter amidst the suffering and I found it very healing personally.  

I've also had a wonderful girls night out in the midst of the real estate listing process, a brief but fun visit with a cousin and his wife and a great visit to the east coast of Florida where I took these pics at the Morikami Japanese Gardens and Museum  Morikami

Thank you, Amy, for a wonderful day.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Thank you, Jilly Be

Wow, just when I get myself down in a funk, or up in a panic, along comes another generous person in my life to remind me that all is well.  Thank you, Jilly Be, for being one of those people yesterday.  Jillybejoyful blog  I hope you stop and read her latest entry which is so full of her fun spirit and loving kindness.

Here's the wonderful prize I won when Jilly Be was celebrating her second year of blogging.  It arrived in the mail yesterday and was one of the things that gave me such a lift.  

The other good thing about yesterday was that we met with a realtor that Mr. Lucky and I both liked.  One more realtor visitor tomorrow and then we're making the listing decision but I'd say we both feel comfortable and happy with our choice.  Then we continue to do what we can....in other words,
I hope that no matter what is happening in your life, you will get some time to spend sewing and smiling today.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Pillow Accents and More Home Staging

I'm a capitalist and do subscribe to the concept of supply and demand.  So I am aware that what will sell our condo is location and price.....and not these pillows.  But I do like how a simple little touch does brighten up a space and I think the lessons are good for us in our own homes and even our own garments.  Accessories do make a difference in first impressions.  
So here's what I've been sewing up this week in Florida since my return from the sewing retreat weekend:

Two new pillows for the third bedroom trundle bed arrangement, both from stash fabrics and pillow forms.  
I've had that french handwriting leftover fabric (left pillow) for years.  I made a Kwik Sew jeans jacket out of it and my own stamped Paris collage shrinky dink buttons on it.  Now the final remnants of it are being used in this pillow and in my planned sewing machine and serger covers.

The 18" square pillow is a little more luxurious in person since it is silk dupioni with overstitched silk dupioni strips and beads.  I purchased it nine years ago when I attended the Puyallup, Washington sewing expo.  Peggy Sagers had it for sale for $4 a yard on the last Sunday afternoon and I bought the bolt with maybe five yards on it.  I have yet to use it for a garment but now a 19" square became this pillow.
Bead and pearls pulverized on the seam line
I hand basted it onto a darker tan piece of cotton broadcloth.  I chalk marked a 1/2 " seam allowance then took a hammer and went outside to bash the beaded flowers in that seam allowance.  I may have been a little rough (see the small tear in the smashed bead pic) but it's only a pillow for an anonymous buyer.)  I brushed away the remains and had no problem sewing those seams with my machine and a regular needle.  Not necessarily couture but it looks darn good in the end.
East to stitch over once the beads and pearls are gone

On our lanai, I recovered pillow forms with some new Sunbrella fabric, replacing some lovely but faded home dec fabric that I sewn nine years ago.  I didn't do piping as I had in the past but the fabric is nice and neutral enough, in my never humble opinion.  

Even one of Sam's dogbeds got recovered in a tropical but darker fabric that doesn't show dogpark dirt as readily.  

These next pics are not sewing related but some of you readers have seen our previous family room and I wanted to show you the result of our entertainment center makeover.  

Ten years ago our first big purchase was this large entertainment center and even larger Sony honking TV set.  It was a big dark hole in that niche and always kind of bothered me, especially as TVS became thinner and less obtrusive.  
While doing one of my frequent long walks over the summer, I was trying to think of a way to make that space lighter and brighter.  I came up with the idea of lopping off the top of the middle section of the entertainment center (thanks Pinterest for so many furniture remake ideas) and having a slab of granite cut for more of a credenza feel.  When got back here the contractor who had done our master bathroom cabinets came and looked at it.  I thought my idea was so original until he told me he's doing lots of versions of this for clients.  Oh, well, I don't want credit for the idea, I'm just happy with the result.  32" TV from Costco and what a great change.

Lighter, brighter, hooray
Next week I'll start some of those personal sewing projects that I stashed away and start to make dates with my lovely local Florida girlfriends.  This home selling thing could drive us nuts but we're not going to let that happen.  After interviewing a very negative realtor yesterday Mr. Lucky and took a break from the bad energy and visited the thoroughly delightful Collier County Museum.  Collier County Museum Our pledge to each other is to retain our sense of humor and find fun things to do while this whole process is happening.  I hope you have found things to enjoy in your day no matter what else is occurring in your life.