Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I Just Couldn't Stop....

There are several intriguing projects in my sewing room but I just couldn't stop sewing this Vogue 7717 pattern. Here's the latest one, my Doris Day version. I added rick rack from my stash along the shoulder seam and around the neckline....rick rack seems to '60s in my memories.  I must have been influenced by last week's Turner Classic Movie nightly tribute to Doris Day films. I've always loved her singing, most likely because one of my very early childhood memories is being at a drive-in with my parents and brother. He and I were in our PJs and I'm sure I dozed off during the big screen showing of "The Man Who Knew Too Much" but I recall waking to hear Doris singing Que Sera, Sera. Loved it then and still love it today. A fun more innocent time in my life but I have no desire to turn the US or the world back to the '60s and their own unique problems.

I wore it last night to my delightful book group meeting which was filled with wine, good food and engaging conversations.

Here are the directions for the fabric flower on my shoulder:

cut five 4" squares of fabric
fold wrong sides together and baste along two of the edges
pull the basting stitches tightly together to form five curved petals

Stitch the five petals onto a firm backing fabric scrap.

Add embellishment and sew to garment or add a pin back.

Index card and painter's tape
And my sewing machine is back in full working order.  Last month I packed it up for the local neighborhood sewing group meeting and proceeded to lose the bobbin cover in transit.  I had to figure a way to Tim Gunn it (Make it work, people...) so here's my solution.  

This past week the part came in and we're all tidy once again.....and I'll be super careful next time I transport my baby anywhere. 


  1. Another lovely top!
    Your sewing machine "fix" is ingenious. Obviously nothing stops you from sewing.

  2. Oh, you Cutie! I really thought you had posted a pix of Doris Day.
    Cheers, Carolyn

  3. You gals are going to town on those tops! Very pretty. Oh, I love DorisDay. And I remember drive-in movies. And when you could actually go to a movie with your parents, (or kids) without being embarrassed at the content.

  4. What a great top--and adorable fabric! You're right--very Doris Day. (I just watched "Please Don't Eat the Daisies"--a DD movie that I hadn't seen since it came out in the 60s.)

  5. I love MacGyvered machine repairs!
    BTW, after consulting with Price Waterhouse, I have bestowed upon you the Liebster Blog award. I hope you don't mind. What will be will be.

  6. Your top is very pretty! Such a lovely cheerful print!

  7. It's adorable, Jane! It really does remind me of Doris Day!

  8. I love this top -- so pretty! And thank you for sharing your method of making fabric flowers.

  9. Jane-
    love that rick rack!
    Michele P


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