Saturday, November 3, 2012

Me, In Style, in Season, Who Knew?

I am notoriously late on adopting fashion, (hey, you've read my blog, you know it's true...) in technology (I have a pay-as-you go smartass phone that works when it wants to) and in sewing up patterns that I buy....hence my frequent OOP Patternreview reviews.  But guess what?  I surprised myself this season.  Skinny pants are in stores everywhere  and I'm loving my skinny pant look, the Elle Pant pattern from Style Arc.  But wait, there's more.....printed skinny pants are in and finally I'm on trend.  This is probably the same cycle as that of Haley's Comet so you might want to catch a glance now before my stylishness disappears on the other side of the universe for a number of decades.  

Elle Pants from Style Arc in Fabric Mart Stretch Woven Print

You can't tell very well in this picture but these are a brown and charcoal black  tone on tone velveteen stretch woven, yes from Fabric Mart.

Look, I'm not the only one wearing these prints right now....although you won't see me in those heels.  All of these are from the Nordstrom catalog, from $595 to $80.  Gosh I'm glad I sew.

What fashion trend, if any, are you adopting this season?


  1. I know what you mean about being late to the trend party. Your skinny pants looks great. The trend I am following this season is color, color, colorrrrrr

  2. You look great in skinny pants. I loved your post.

  3. This style pant really suits you! I'm also slow with trends.

  4. Great pants, you stylin' girl, you!

  5. VEry nice pants and they look great on you! I too have recently started making and wearing skinny jeans and love them even at my age!

  6. You look amazing! great pattern, Jane.


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