Friday, December 7, 2012

TNT Versus Something New

As I watch SWAP participants start to work out their wardrobe plans on Stitcher's Guild (where I lurk and seldom post) I recall about a half dozen years ago when I wanted to participate but didn't have TNT patterns in my repertoire.  I knew I would spend way too much time making muslins, adjusting and re-sewing patterns to ever make a deadline so I never joined in.  Now I have a slightly different challenge in my sewing life.  I have at least a dozen or more very happy TNT patterns and I have to almost force myself to start the muslin and fitting process with a new one.  I still don't participate in SWAPs since my simple daily life doesn't require a coordinated one at the dogpark cares when I have shown up in the same seven hoodies and tops for the last 9 years:-)  I have used the SWAP concept when I did my travel wardrobe two years ago Travel wardrobe from 2011  so I heartily endorse the plan, just don't need it annually in my life.  
Long intro to say I'm starting that new pattern process with Vogue 1262
Once again, it was a jacket that I tried on at Sandra Betzina's October trunk show and I immediately fell deeply in love with it.  I have a large collection of ponte knit up in Baltimore just eager to turn into a few versions of this jacket.  But first I have to get through those initial steps.  I think I'll fit it here in Florida and then take it back north when I go up for the wonderful January sewing retreat in Winchester, VA.  

The Northern Virginia Chapter of the American Sewing Guild just opened registration and my check is already speeding its way northward.  I bought my airline ticket this summer and can hardly wait to be amongst the room full of happy stitchers once again.  But first, it's time to cut out, mark and make preliminary adjustments here.  My mind can get so far ahead of my actual work......  Here's hoping that this new pattern ultimately ends up being a TNT addition to my collection.  
Which do you prefer, TNT or new to you pattern sewing?
Old sheet about to become new mock up jacket


  1. Oh it depends.., If I really jazzed about a new pattern (I like the Sandra Betzina's jacket in this post. It's on my list to make), I wouldn't hesitate to try it. Vogue 1262 is a eye catcher and is comfortable to wear. I usually use a TNT when I don't feel up to making all the alternations.

    1. I too have to be excited about either the pattern or the fabric to go through the alteration hassles....and even then there's no guarantee that nw pattern will work for me. But there's always another one to capture my interest!

  2. I'm just reentering garment sewing for myself after years of smocking little dresses for my girls and cute shorts-alls for my son and then curtains and duvets as they went from baby rooms to teen-caves and then homecoming and prom dresses.

    They are all mostly out of the nest and settled on their own so now it is time to sew for me. The body I have now is not quite what it was when I was last sewing for myself, so every pattern is a new adventure! I love the jacket pattern and can't wait to see how it turns out for you!

  3. I definitely prefer to use my TNT patterns, and create modifications of them. It takes me soooo long to adapt a pattern to fit my shape.

  4. I think we all get into the habit of going back to TNT's, its like comfort food for sewers

  5. I spend spring and early summer feeling like a pattern tester. I try new patterns, new silhouettes, new fabric combos. By the end of June I'm ready to make a wardrobe of pants and tops, with maybe a little cardi thrown in and do all that with mostly old TNT patterns. Summer to fall find me sewing for my real life which includes barn chores, dirt, and sweat. In the winter I tend to sew less as we camp off the grid for much of it. Good question!

  6. You probably know by now that I mostly sew TNTs! However I believe your sewing is more advanced than mine so I plan to follow in your footsteps and go off range soon. I've just ordered the last of the superfine wool from FabricMart. This fabric is way too nice for the simple little tops and skirts I've been making, so I look forward to seeing your jacket progress. And I envy you your sewing retreat!

  7. I like that jacket pattern, and in fact, it is in my stash. Waiting. I like TNTs and often use a TNT and add the details from another pattern. It saves the distress of fitting something over and over again.

  8. What fun, to be going away and sewing together with a group of like-minded ladies! You have chosen a very smart and stylish jacket :)


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