Thursday, March 14, 2013

What I Sewed for a Real Estate Closing

It's been a few happy, hectic weeks, dear readers and friends.  Our real estate listing went up in mid-Feb. with lovely pictures and we immediately started getting lots of showings and many follow up visits and buying type questions.  The first open house was held the following weekend and we got a good offer and were happy to be able to sell quickly and not have to return back to FL after the end of season for moving and/or closing.  So this past Tuesday we had the walk through and went to closing.  I though I'd share the latest version of McCalls 6201 that I had finished sewing the previous week.  
McCalls 6201
Last time you'll see me or the sweet dogs with this background and I hope the new owners, a charming couple that we met the day, have even more than the ten fun years we did in Florida as snowbirds. 
Will we miss being snowbirds?  Of course.  But life's circumstances change and we have to roll with the punches or make ourselves crazy in the process.  I think solving sewing problems are good small ways to learn how to think creatively around a challenge, try something totally new or outlandish on occasion or sometimes call it quits and move on to the next project.  
I've met so many wonderful friends in Florida and as one of them joked last night, we might even see each other more and keep in closer contact now that we're far apart.  We can so easily be distracted by daily mundane chores and errands that we procrastinate and forget to fit in the things that real matter, friends, family and experiences with them.  
Now it's time to pack our personal items in pods, ship them for a week or two of storage and drive north, making visits along the way.  I'm looking forward to being in Baltimore for early spring and watching each day's unfolding.  We'll stow the boxes in our basement and then I have the headache challenge opportunity of slowly unpacking and weeding out the desirable from the undesirable.  Goodwill, craigslist and my sewing guild giveway table will all be benefiting in the months to come.  
Closing one period and now starting a new one.


  1. Congratulations on your closing.

    I know what you mean about making time to see friends. I see my Boulder friends just as much now that their guest room is my second summer home. ;-)

  2. Congrats on a quick sale! Safe travels back home.

  3. Wow that was a fast sale in today's market. All your hard work paid off! Congratulations and best wishes. Hope someday to get together with some of the sewing ladies of Baltimore (Cidell, BeeBee, etc.) and go to Michael's and have a lunch!

  4. Congratulations on your sale. That's great, and you look beautiful. I enjoyed your words, encouraging to me, as I'm totally devastated by our impending move. I so much need to adopt your way of thinking.

  5. I'm happy for you, that you had such a quick sale. Best wishes as you settle back into living in the north full-time!

  6. Well done on the quick sale. Looks like your sewing projects helped a bit!
    It's bitter sweet to close a chapter of life. Wishing you a great new chapter!

  7. Congrats! How exciting to start a new life chapter!

  8. Congratulations on this new start! Your dress is SO flattering on you. It's a such a fun and colorful shift dress.

  9. I've been looking through your blog, and found some great ideas for a skirt I'm going to make this week for Easter. Thank you so much for sharing!! You're an excellent seamstress.

    Hey, and if you ever want a cute/fashionable blog makeover, let me know, I'd be happy to help you. :) :)


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