Tuesday, September 10, 2013

T-Shirt Makeover with Pamela's Patterns and a T-Shirt Necklace

Refashioning is quite the trend these days.  Every day I see bloggers of all ages take thrift store items and remake them into charming little dresses or totally blinged out wardrobe standouts.  Me, I just want lumpy, unflattering oversized T shirts that promote a cause to look less frumpy.  Most of my previous charity and work-related large Ts and golf shirts are now garden clothes.  That's because I didn't have the wonderful Pamela Leggett to work her magic on those oversized "pillowcases with decoration" (I think that's Peggy Sager's terminology for those large, square T shirts that fit men but not women.)  
Through the wonder of this easy pattern, Pamela's Pattern T-Shirt Makeover #103 Pattern  my community T shirt went from ugh to rather cute, if I say so myself.  
The before picture
Trimmer, shaped seams and lowered neckline
My neighborhood is taking a pro-active stance to avoid having our children re-districted out of the neighborhood elementary school.  We are attending the bimonthly Board of Education meetings to help devise some alternative plans to relieve overcrowding in our district and provide 21st century resources and success for all the students in our county.  But when I hung the XXL T shirt in my sewing room, I did notice that our combined neighborhood name seemed like it might also be the name for a British football team which gave me a giggle.

Stylish community activist or British football hooligan?
Since I am a girl who like her accessories I couldn't help but see the leftover jersey fabric as potential for a necklace.  The white jersey came from the first T shirt experiment with Pamela's T-shirt Makeover pattern.  In case you haven't pinned these on a Pinterest board for you or a young family member, here's one way to make a simple T shirt necklace:
Use the unprinted part of a T-shirt that has no side seams.  Cut 3/4" strips across the width of the T shirt.

3/4" strip
Pull the strips until they grow and curl.
Assemble enough strips to make it feel weighty enough for a necklace or scarf.
I think my necklace is nine or ten strands
Hold the strips in both hands and give it one twist....then give it another twist.
Twist number one
Twist number two

Bring your hands together and create a smaller circle with that twisted knot in front.  

Move the knot gently to the bottom front area of your "necklace."
Slip over your head for a necklace effect.

I'll be debuting my T-shirt makeover at tonight's school board meeting.  Do you think I'll get some questions and comments from the other women their in their large blue T-shirts?


  1. You may get a couple of "orders." Well done!

  2. The other ladies are going to be so envious. You may have to give makeover lessons or better yet, start a little business...And only you would have a matching necklace for your t-shirt....:)

  3. I think the resemblance to football hooligan will give you an intimidating edge at the school board meeting. Go get em!

    BTW, I needed some new pillowcases and picked up a bunch of thrift shop XL t-shirts. I cut off the sleeves and neckline to trim them into rectangles and added a bit of denim for length; I have 6 new denim and jersey pillowcases for about $10 of materials and 2 hours work. Not bad.

  4. Your t-shirt makeover looks impressive, Jane. Thanks for the necklace tutorial. I'll have to give it a try. Pamela's t-shirt makeover is a great pattern. I made my trial shirt by literally taking the garden shirt off my husband's back. (I did wash it first.) You've inspired me to get some of my treasured t-shirts changed into wearable from "pillowcase" status.

  5. What about a well accessorised community activist hooligan? The shirt now looks great. I love the necklace idea.

  6. Oh! So cute! Both pieces, I mean. And the blue is right on trend!


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