Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Tying the Knot Over and Over Again

My sewing efforts last week and yesterday have resulted in four more pieced kimono scarves, one for me and three for gifts.  It's been nice to take a break from outside obligations and assemble these  small pieces of colorful fabric into a useful and attractive accessory.  
Yes, I've been up to my neck in appointments and meetings and other obligations but did make time for some personal fun as well.  Mr. Lucky and I celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary on Thursday.  

Much has changed in those 26 years, virtually all for the better, but we did laugh over the trend on our celebrations themselves.  Sixteen years ago for our tenth anniversary we did a big blow out trip, our first with a group.  We had two days in Paris on our own then went to Dijon where we met up with 13 other participants and two group leaders for an amazing walking trip through Burgundy.  After that astonishing week we crossed back over to England and spent four more days on own hiking the South Downs.  Fast forward sixteen more years, early retirements (probably too early in light of the economy) and this year's celebration was quite different albeit just as much fun.  We attended a free King Arthur Flour King Arthur Flour traveling baking demo and got wonderful tips for pie crust, scones and whole grain breads, a dough scraper along with coupons and 
Bonnie the baker showed us how to make that ginormous apple pie on the table.
I won a fabulous door prize from one of their co-sponsors, Dansko Shoes, another employee-owned company.  I already own two pairs of Dansko and now have a year to pick out any pair from their catalog.  Lucky, lucky me.  

I'm liking almost any selection on this page.
Then I surprised Mr. Lucky with a Groupon to use go-cart racing at a local family entertainment place.  He loved it and I just laughed as I kept spinning out on the "slick track."  Another Groupon for dinner that night and it was a truly fun day.  
But since I am showing you how that dress (from J. C. Penney's, on clearance, with a coupon) looked 26 years ago, I should finish the story of how it looks today.  The basement sewing clean out has been continuing for months now.  That dress has been balled up and moved from one Rubbermaid bin to another over time so this summer I thought it was use it or lose it.  I've been loving making fabric flowers and thought I'd cut up the base of the dress, thinking it was poly satin, and cut it into flower shapes whose petals I could curl with a flame.  Whoops, it's not poly satin whatsoever, it was acetate satin. As one science teacher noted, acetate Burns with a rapid flame and melts when burning.May melt and pull away from small flames without igniting. Melted area may drip off the clothing  Wow, glad I stayed away from the candles at our evening wedding.  So my lovely, romantic pillow idea was abandoned and I merely saved the embellished lace to use in some later project.  
Satin acetate, not satin poly

The dress may be gone or de-constructed, but the marriage goes on....and so do my many sewing project ideas.  


  1. This is a great post....love the wedding photo. But where is the photo of your beautiful maid of honor???? ;)
    And to win a pair of Dansko shoes....You are indeed lucky.

  2. Congrats on the shoes! I love King Arthur Flours. Your wedding dress is beautiful and the picture will uphold the memory quite well. congrats on 26 years as well!!

  3. Beautiful dress. It is so hard to part with some things even when you k now you should. Hence why I have so much stuff and the need to purge!

  4. Fun post-I love that you are repurposing your wedding gown. and, thanks for the heads up about another employee owned business-Danskos. Lucky winner!!

  5. Congratulations on 26 years! Your wedding photo is beautiful -- as is your dress. Mine is still packed away in a box, waiting to be repurposed into something else -- some day!

  6. The scarves look nice and must be fun to sew. Apparently, the "knot" you tyed with Mr. Lucky stayed together in a good way. What a lovely wedding photo. The dress would make awesome romantic pillows. The beautiful trim could be used for another pillow design or many other sewing projects (as if you don't have enough ideas already). Congratulations on winning the shoes!

  7. Thanks for the peek at your beautiful wedding. I bet you still fit it too. Your scarves are so lovely a this is a great idea I would love to copy one day. What fun to mix match fabric scraps ,

  8. Love the look of your dress ~ did you make it, way back! It certainly looks gorgeous ... J

  9. Gorgeous dress - and many belated congratulations!


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