Sunday, December 15, 2013

Casual Holiday Gatherings

First snowfall and first holiday party!  That's what has been on my agenda this week.  Our social life revolves around rather casual gatherings not the glamorous balls and formal affairs that I read about elsewhere.  Since my holiday outfits have been warm weather versions for the last ten years, I whipped this little McCalls knit jacket up in between sewing six mock ups in the last three weeks.  My Sarah Veblen fitting report will come soon but here's something new in the meantime.
McCalls 6444
It's  a now OOP McCalls pattern, #6444, sewn from a poly knit with gold metallic threads.  Front, back, sew back collar seam and then the sleeves and wear it.  I enjoyed having something new to wear for an open house hosted by a lovely woman from my neighborhood garden club and her husband.  She's from Denmark originally so the scrumptious buffet included a variety of Danish dishes and mulled wine to warm our spirits.  
In the same Scandinavian theme I am wearing my new Dansko boots which arrived earlier this week.  They were a gift certificate door prize which Mr. Lucky and I won on our anniversary and I selected a black leather Baker boot.  Comfy and stylish, just what I want in shoes.  Here's a picture of them from my first day wearing them:
Dansko Baker boots, Peter Nygard jacket, silk scarf panel from Fabric Mart with serged rolled edge
I wore this outfit to meet another sewing friend who is also very big into swing dancing.  She sews coordinating outfits for her husband and herself and they are avid dancers.  We met mid way between northern Baltimore where I live and northern VA so that we could look at shoes at this amazing place....Dance Store online  Ok, specialty shoe store....what's the big deal, Jane?  Well, this was more than's also a shoemuseum:

Yes, ceiling to floor and every surface filled with memorabilia.  What fun!!!  My pictures hardly do it justice but what a delight to just wander and see little things to catch your eye.
Maybe coasters?
Betty White is certainly a woman of many talents!

Maybe models instead of just catalogs?
Mr. Lucky and I went dancing on Friday night since another friend had a band playing at the local swing dance venue.  We're definitely not in the league with most dancers but it was a fun evening.  I redeem my "dance points" with Mr. Lucky judiciously throughout the year and am just thrilled when we do have an enjoyable evening doing "...some terpsicore...."  So hey there, cutes....hope your weekend included some fun with good company.


  1. Lovely cardi, boots, and story! Enjoy the last week before Christmas, Jane.

    1. Thank you so much. Hope you do the same, Diana.

  2. What could be better than Christmas and dancing? I love that you "judiciously redeem your dance points" and was happy to hear you enjoyed your off to check out that shoe website. And what better way than dancing to loose any extra Christmas calories?

    1. And I'm even considering beginning Lindy lessons in January to help with those holiday calories, too.

  3. Loved the jacket and the boots! Dansko is my favorite. Have a wonderful Christmas!

  4. cute outfits!!! Really like that jacket in the first photo!


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