Sunday, September 13, 2015

No More Secrets....More Fabric

Most of my family and a large number of my friends are not as invested in the "sewing world" as you and I are, dear readers.  So most of them would not be "following" my irregular musings on the art and craft of fashion sewing, although a few have asked me to put them on the email list for blog updates.  So imagine my small surprise when Mr. Lucky expressed an interest in getting those emails whenever I write a post as well.  I was flattered.....but there's a downside, isn't there?  Oh, no, now he's going to know the details of those Fabric Mart visits!  Oh well.  I am keeping to the agreement of one in----one out----either in a giveaway or completed garment so this next big input also meant several bags of fabric given away at the summer sewing retreat, and more fabric earmarked to leave at the winter retreat.  
Now let's see what I picked up on last month's Fabric Mart visit.  They had just bought out an obviously very upscale, well-stocked store, I believe I heard it had been in New York state.  I am sorry for that area's loss because it must have been an amazing store with a huge range of offerings.  I visited the Fabric Mart retail store where all of these items were $3.00 a yard.....and I had received an email that morning for an additional 20% off.  I filled the back seat of my car and here's what came home:
Fabric Mart purchases filling the back seat.
First up are some very Marcy Tilton like selections, lovely knits, mostly with rayon that are somewhat arty and blend-able in creative ways.
Those stripes are great for my fair coloring and I know scraps of that one will be used in numerous applications.  The thin two layered black and blue raggedy knit is fun and the textured black knit will probably be a jacket.

Thin textured knit, a ponte-like knit and the black, grey and white slinky knit that will be a terrific travel item.

Very versatile black, blue, grey rayon knit and the loveliest burn-out brown rayon knit that looks like melted chocolate when it drapes.
Two mid-weight denims, practical and high quality pieces
But my inner magpie always gets excited in a fabric store and this day was no exception.  I am drawn to the bright and shiny as well as those more muted fabrics so you might want to shield your eyes while gazing at these next selections:

Thin sweater knit with great drape, a cut out rayon blend, very beachy looking and a trendy bright chevron rainbow ITY knit.  You won't miss me in that.

Mini-metallic sequined fabric in tan dan black....I promise not to combine them in one garment.  And a glittery knit that might become the shiny part of a holiday outfit.

These last two fabrics were ones that I had no immediate idea for when I saw them in the store but I just loved them at first sight.

A heavy cotton that might be a pillow cover or perhaps a "carpet bag" if I ever get that ambitious.  The slight stretch crepe to the right just feels so wonderful so I will have to mull this one over as it ages in my resource center.
I did not intend to buy any patterns but at $.50 each these did jump into my bag.

The books and designer patterns were $4.00 each so these two came home with me.  I had spent about $30 when I bought one of these high end home dec patterns for my living room valances so was thrilled to see these Pate-Meadow Designs  Pate-Meadows for that price.

Vegans, you may wish to look away now.  All the trims from this fabulous fabric store were 70% off so I bought a few yards of two fur trims and a thin black suede trim.  Again, I don't know their future use....but it will be fun to plan.

So that's what came home with me in August. (And yes, Mr. Lucky is a saint.)  But it is September now and came home with me most recently is dirty laundry, some sand and great memories.  Mr. Lucky and I, along with Lucky the rescue dog, just returned from a week at the Delaware beaches. 

We had friends visit, time alone, time to bike ride, kayak and read or watch clouds go by.  However, September is national sewing month so it is time to catch up on blog reading, posting, and sharing some recent garments. The resource center will be happy to see me active again.


  1. Well all your fabrics look wonderful and I am green over the patterns!! What a buy!

    1. I too was amazed by that store's inventory. I don't have immediate plans for any patterns but that's why we collect them after all.

  2. I am jealous. There. I said it!!! :)

    What beautiful finds! With all the shopping I do from FM, I just HAVE to make it to the store one day!

    1. I understand. Whenever we consider moving for retirement I wonder how I will get my FM fix.

  3. Thankfully, my husband can't be bothered to read my blog.

    1. Hh ha ha. I don't know what prompted mine to be interested after four years?:-)

  4. Freak out! I'm so jealous! What a great haul.


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