Sunday, September 10, 2017

Great British Sewing Bee Live

Thanks, sweet readers, for your nice comments about the easy peasy floorcloth in my last post.  It must be impressive in person, too.  I had 20+ people over for a barbecue/potluck last night and at least a half dozen of them asked me about it and admired how it turned out.  One neighbor asked me to make him one and I told him that it's just like my sewing for others requests....I'm slow and expensive, probably not the combination he was looking for.

So now the party is over, the refrigerator food and summer produce are almost used more batch of tomato soup for the freezer...and Mr. Lucky and I are headed out this week for another adventure.  A wonderful friend (and trust me, she was wonderful even before she made this offer) has invited us to enjoy a house trade she has made starting mid-week.  Yes, we fly to London on Wednesday evening then take the train out to Cornwall to spend a week in one of my favorite parts on England. We'll be staying only 10 miles from the magical Tintagel and are packing our hiking boots, poles...and rainwear...for lots of long walks, pub meals (yummy Cornish pasties) tea, relaxing and reading.  

But I'm not writing this to tell you my trip plans but to share the happy sewing news that it just so happens that the Great British Sewing Bee Live is in London when we are there the following week.  I'm one of the American groupies who has watched all four seasons via youtube and a Virtual Private Network service....and cheered when the best British seamstress award went to Ann Rowley (a generous and frequent poster on Stitchers Guild Ann's Flickr albums) in season one.  Yes, I understand the time pressures, the uneven skill sets among the participants but it is refreshing to have judging done on some particular standards and for less person to person drama than in American "reality" series.  So when I learned that there was a sewing expo in London I immediately bought my tickets. The Great British Sewing Bee Live I'll be there in the exhibit hall on Friday, watching the Vogue fashion show, visiting the Liberty fashion display and seeing the GBSB stage show on Friday afternoon.  Saturday I am signed up for a class on tambour beading and of course more shopping.  If you see a happy American blogger wandering around with a grin on her face, please stop me and say hello.  I really am a lucky sew and sew.  
Off to pack for the trip. Here's hoping you have something in your life today making you feel like a lucky person too.


  1. I love the GBSB too! How exciting that you'll get to be at the expo! Have fun for all of us who'd love to be there with you!

  2. So much ch fun. I hope you can get to tell us about it all .


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