Saturday, September 29, 2018

Vogue 8813

My August sewing retreat with the Northern Virginia chapter of the American Sewing Guild (ASG) was more productive than usual for me.  I was happy to sew up the overlay top and tank that I wrote about in my last post.  Next up was a new to me pattern, Vogue 8813, a dress that was also inspired by some snoop shopping in the previous spring.  

Vogue 8813 is a Marcy Tilton pattern and I'm not always a fan of her style on me.  I'm more of a sportswear or dressy casual girl and feel a little outside of my comfort zone in her artsy and generally asymmetrical clothing.  Hems seem to flare out at unflattering locations, IMNHO, and all that fabric overpowers the wearer too often.  I admire how cool and hip other bloggers and friends look in her designs, however, so I am trying to not get in a clothing rut.  
Vogue 8813

This dress was the closest I could come in her dress pattern selections to finding the happy medium that I could live with and I am thrilled with the result.  
I cut out a Medium in view B with 3/4 sleeves and decided to make without any fabric combining.  My first one use a brown and black ITY that has been marinating in my stash for years.  The colors are perfect for a travel wardrobe and this dress is exactly what I want for an upcoming trip.  It packs like a dream (translation: balls up in a suitcase and shakes out without wrinkles.)  But it is a fabric hog with Medium using almost three yards of 60" fabric.  Thanks goodness a) for Fabric Mart sales and b) for a great result.
I didn't make the pleat on the extremely large pocket but just pulled it up in the center and added a heavy glass button to hold it in place.  That button was so heavy that I used a flat lightweight wooden button as a backer button to support it on this lightweight knit.

The pattern uses the old fashioned way of creating those front bodice gathers...zig zag over a length of pearl cotton.  It does let you adjust the width of the panel and I found that I wanted it narrowed to five inches.  Now that I know the finished measurement I suppose I could use a narrow elastic application in the future...and there will be future versions.

Pleat that I didn't use on the first version
When I tried the dress on at the retreat, it was much too big across my upper body.  Since it is a cut on sleeve I merely took that underarm seam down by almost an inch....which I think easily puts me into the Small or maybe even Extra-small version. 

I was so happy with the result at the retreat that in the following week I cut out another one and easily finished it in a day of sewing from another Fabric Mart knit with a slightly heavier hand.  Don't you love those fun, easy, palate cleansing sewing projects?
Vogue 8813

When I looked for the two buttons for this set of pockets, of course I had too many choices.  If you hoard save collect buttons then you'll understand...

The winner
But all my sewing projects are certainly not as successful.  I was inspired earlier this year to consider a jewelry refashioning project. My jewelry Pinterest board Turns out those wonderful Pinterest ideas are much harder to execute than I assumed.  Without buying many more supplies in my already extensive jewelry making materials, I was only able to put together one small project successfully, this old faux pearl necklace with a vintage pin added.  Conclusion: support those artisans who produce these delightful items;-)
My one jewelry refashioning project

Mr. Lucky and I are heading out for another walking excursion next month and this dress will be both useful and a way to share my passion for sewing with new travel friends.  It's our 31st anniversary and we are celebrating 35 years together by going to...

Next post I will share the new jacket that will also be making the trip and of course I welcome any fabric shopping suggestions.  Here's hoping that your sewing adventures are leading you to new patterns and new experiences.

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