Friday, October 29, 2010

Gift for a Friend....and for Me

Cowl cover up
Do you get inspired to sew a new project from watching what other people are wearing?  I do.  The winter before last I noticed women in SW Florida wearing filmy, sheer shawls as a top layer over sleeveless tops.  But rather than a shawl that you have to keep adjusting and managing, these were much more stable while still covering the upper arm area.  I made rough mental measurements then went home to figure out my version.  I started by taking a pashmina shawl and pinning it together and pretty quickly figured out this project.   The ones in this post are winter, cold weather versions....but it works just as easily in sheer silks.
23' by 68"
Instructions:  You need a 68-72 inch length of fabric.  Cut it lengthwise so that you have a panel 24" wide.  The sample you see is a black and burgundy mohair that I have washed and dried one time.  The fabric piece is 68" by 23'.  Since this is now a felted wool, I didn't have to worry about the edges raveling.  When I make these in thin silks I do a rolled edge on my serger on all four sides, trimming off some edge to get that 23 x 68 finished piece.

Fold the piece in half and pin it leaving 13" open from the fold edge.

 Now you are going to sew one seam 1/4", from the bottom to the start of the 13" opening, backstitching at the start and end.
I slipstitched the seam to keep it flat in this wool.  For the rolled edge versions that's not necessary.

So what do you get?  A cowl neck, feminine short shawl that slips over your head.  It's warm in wool, polarfleece or a sweater knit.  It's a lightweight coverup over a tank top when done in silk chiffon or filmy rayon.  If your fabric is more that 48" wide to start with, you get one and a friend gets one.  
Polarfleece version showing length in the back

Lightweight wool version


  1. I wore mine today--so warm and so lightweight. I love it!

  2. And I was the lucky recipient of this lovely. It's perfect for me Thanks Jane

  3. I LOVE your shawl and the fact that you figured out the pattern yourself. And welcome to Florida. I'm glad you arrived safe and sound. When you say "arrived Friday", so you mean 2 days ago? There's so much to do to get settled in and organized, isn't there. I'm finding with my recent surge in sewing, it makes me more productive in other areas too. Funny how busyness spills over in the same way lazyness does. It is so chilly here today, I'd like to have a shawl like yours. I walked to an art fair and everyone was in sweaters and fleece. Your shawl is a cute way to stay warm.


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