Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sew a gift for your favorite cook

Taking a break from sewing a dress, Simplicity 2404, to share the first of a few posts on gifts.  Mr. Lucky and I come from very small families and don't really exchange Christmas presents with the few adults in our immediate families.  And I feel like it's Christmas every day since retiring after paid employment of 34 years.   Early retirement is the best gift I ever got....and one that has kept on giving for 10 years.  I also don't usually sew for others generally because think most of my friends and family would rather purchase clothing or an accessory rather than get something I made.  It's nothing personal...or maybe it is, since we each have our personal taste.  But there are some presents that I make as a hostess gift or small memento, good for any time of year.  Today's post is about these terrific pot holders.    
hot pads in various sizes at our house
They started with leftover Fabric Mart mohair.  I had made a throw with 1 1/2 yards of it and had about the same amount leftover.  I put it into my front loader washing machine on heavy duty then in the dryer on the same.  Yes, it shrunk but I'm not scientific enough to tell you by how much.  I just wanted to change it into felted wool and then decide what to do with it.  I was considering a felted purse but I knew I would never use it.  Since wool is such an excellent heat insulator, why not try pot holders?  One layer wasn't thick enough so I just used a long serpentine stitch on my machine to join two layers.  Perfect.  I tried a few different sizes and like the finished 6"x9" the best.

12 pairs later and I have an easy, useful hostess gift.
Felted wool jersey in 2 layers
I did the same with the leftover felted wool jersey from my Kwik Sew jacket.  I imagine that these would be just as simple to make with wool sweaters that accidentally---or on purpose---ended up in the regular wash.  Trim them with wavy edged rotary cutter and you have a lovely gift.  You'll feel better using up scraps and ruined sweaters and both the planet and your friends will thank you.
Nest post, a new dress.  Hoo hah, all you great dressmakers are getting to me.


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