Friday, November 26, 2010

Jacket Beats Pajamas

 Today's sewing time started shrinking rapidly and I have to accept that reality and move on.  Pajamas were put on hold while I worked on the Vogue 1100 jacket.  I thought I might finish in time for tomorrow's ASG chapter meeting.  Not going to happen, too many interruptions today.  Some jacket progress, however, so not a total waste.

I was distracted by those interruptions and ended up sewing the cuff on the right sleeve three times and still didn't get it right.  You can't tell in this fuzzy photo but I've done the same hand stitching on the cuffs as for the pockets.  When I made the muslin I did not put the cuffs on and decided to lengthen the sleeves 1 1/2 inches.  I stitched the cuffs on, tried the jacket on and realized I hated the longer length.  Ok, cut it off, sew the sleeve seams and little wider and re sew the cuff.  Whoops, one side looks better than the other with that hand stitching.  Unsew again and try one more time.

These are lightweight molded shoulder pads that I found a year ago at the PA Fabric Outlet outside of Lancaster, PA.  This is the type of store that has lots of "stuff" but seldom the same stuff twice.  These are perfect when you want a very light shaping but not heavy padding.  I use one for my left, "standard" shoulder shoulder and two for my right "leaning" shoulder.   Ok, time to do some hand sewing on the front collar and edges.   I won't finish it in time for this month's meeting.  That's ok, I think I want to rein in those huge faux pocket flaps anyway.  What do you think, about 1 inch less width?  Right now they looks like rudders.

Off to do more handwork, this time down the front edges and around the collar.


  1. Love that jacket pattern. Love the colour of your fabric. Perhaps once the pocket flaps are in place as they should be, they won't look quite so "odd". Agreed - if only life's interruptions didn't interfere with sewing plans - one could get so much more done!

  2. I love to see "work in progress". I haven't been doing that, waiting till it's all done, but I like this better, seeing the PROCESS, not just the product. This is such a cute jacket and a pretty color. I look forward to seeing the finished product.


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