Saturday, November 13, 2010

This Skirt is Made for Dancing

I love a good twirly skirt.  When I had to figure out my fashion style upon leaving corporate life I discovered the fun of sewing and wearing some terrific Kwik Sew "twirly skirts."  I live in warmth for much of the year so I had to figure out a new look.  I could do the classic middle aged woman's version of shorts....the cropped pant.  Yes, I do own and wear many a cropped pant for the casual run out to get milk at the store look.  But even with my relative height this is not a flattering look on me.  Most of the time I stick to a standard jeans and knit top or jeans and lightweight jacket look.  Boot cut jeans and a slightly fitted jacket give me good proportions and lines.  But there are those moments when I want to release the inner girl in me and that's when I want another one of those skirts.

This one is Kwik Sew 3231, 8 gore basic and one I can cut and sew in my sleep by now.   I cut a bunch of them at a time and leave them in a drawer in my sewing room.  I sew them out of lightweight silks, polys and rayons, anything with some swoosh to it.
For this one I decided to line it rather than wear a half slip.  Red ambiance in my stash from Joann's and the brown tropical poly I'm sure from Joann's as well.

This week has been busy grocery shopping, cleaning and socializing with friends who are back in town.  But I wanted something new to wear when Mr. Lucky and I went downtown for dining and dancing last night.  Once a month there are half a dozen music groups on the streets and I swear every baby boomer in SW FL comes to relive their high school dance days.

Mr. Lucky and I took dance lessons for a few years so we can do some swing and fox trot and even a few Latin dance steps.  Great exercise and I appreciate him for making the effort when so many men don't.  We're not ballroom dancers by any means but we do have a fun time together and that's what matters to us.


  1. It's always good to have a TNT pattern that works for all ocassions! This is a great skirt and I'm sure it was perfect for dancing in.

  2. That's such a cute skirt. Glad you have a good time dancing. If only all exercise were that much fun!

  3. I love to wear a twirly skirt. The last one I made feels good when I spin around. Your floral version is so pretty and feminine. You certainly do have a thoughtful Mr. Lucky! What a great way to have fun together.

  4. Keep on dancing. I love the term "Mr. Lucky"! I'm sure he knows he is!

  5. Jane,
    You look great! that skirt is the perfect length. You really know what suits you. I enjoyed reading your post.


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