Saturday, February 5, 2011

Woefully Underdressed at the Fashion Show

Does anyone else have those dreams where you can't find the classroom and you're only dressed in your slip or underwear?  Well, my experience yesterday wasn't as awful as that but I definitely missed the social clues and was remarkably underdressed for a social event I attended.
It was  a last minute decision to attend a design center 4-7pm fashion show and auction for the American Heart Association.  A sewing girlfriend and I decided to attend and I called for tickets the day before.  I don't have much to do with fund raising events in the "real world" anymore and should have asked her what she was planning to wear.  But Mr. Lucky and I are busy planning a major home dec project and I spent the day on the computer while keeping the dogs separate.  At the last minute I just dressed in one of my sporty casual Florida outfits.  Yikes,  did I feel out of place!  A room full of women in cocktail wear and gorgeous shoes.  I brought my C game ("it's just an inexpensive night out with the girls and  ends early") and they brought their A game ("it's a charity event that will be covered in this town's social papers and you never know who might be there")  Oh well, one of the benefits of getting to my age is, who really cares?  It was a fun time for the two of us...and that's what I do care about.

So no pictures of me, either on this blog or in the social pages.  But here are some of the fashions.  The decorators at the design center were challenged to use materials at hand.  Turned out to be a little less challenging than I would have expected but hey, any creativity is good creativity, right?  My shots are blurry but here are a few that I was able to capture.

It's also a good reminder for me that I haven't fitted a dress pattern here in FL so that should be on my spring sewing list.
Big giggle from me when I saw this circle skirt with elastic waist pulled up to be a dress.  I took this same idea in my backpack while in Europe in the early '70s.  Travel dressing for your 20s!

Loved her boots but even with plunging back on this dress it didn't seem flattering from the front

Loved this one.  Multi-curved silk pieces on asymmetric dress with full dolman sleeve on left shoulder

I liked the bias silk plaid, matched at the side seams but not the ill-fitting strapless top

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  1. Thanks for the pics of the show! I've shown up at events both ways - either overdressed or underdressed. Here in Minnesota you just never know... And you're right - one of the great benefits of getting older is that you really don't care and concentrate on the fun!


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