Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Secret Sewing and Sadness for Christchurch

Tears of SadnessLike so many people around the world I'm touched with sadness and grief for the people and city of Christchurch, NZ, today.  I've been so caught up in our preparations for our upcoming NZ trip that I was startled to see those images on the news this morning.  Just last night I was perusing the Fodor's guidebook with its pictures of "The Garden City" and now those awful earthquake pictures of the same place on TV.  Mr. Lucky grew up and has family in northern California so we have heard and seen these scenes before but it doesn't change the sorrow and distress that they bring.
On a personal note, our tour operator told us this morning that the local guides we will meet next week are still saying the trip is a "go" but of course we'll be changing the trip schedule once we arrive.  Yes I'm a little nervous but that's also part of my nature so I'm focusing on what I can do and letting go of the rest.

What I can't do today is show you what I've been sewing for the last two days.  Why not, you may ask?  Well, I'm having fun testing a new pattern and its instructions for a delightful sewing friend.  So my lips are sealed.  Later this year after its publication I'll be able to share all the details.
Since I've been evaluating the directions and illustrations for this pattern, it also makes me admire technical writers and illustrators in general.  I think I was an early PR reviewer of Louise Cutting's pattern, East Meets West, a kimono type dress/jacket.  Having sewn most of my later life with Big 4 patterns,  I was so thrilled to read her directions.  Clear, detailed, helpful, extremely specific and wonderful results.  But it is economics, I suppose.  Too many detailed instructions means more paper, fewer garments in a wardrobe pattern and still a lack of consensus on just which way to do something is the best.  So I don't expect such lovely directions from the Big 4 and appreciate them when they do appear in the independents.

My last post before we depart. It's a wonderful trip we have planned but tinged with tears for the losses of our host country.

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