Sunday, March 20, 2011

Back from Vacation and Working to Get My Sewing Mojo Back

Best. Trip. Ever. We're just back from 2 1/2 weeks of hiking and visiting the South Island of New Zealand. I was hoping for the trip of a lifetime and this one exceeded every expectation. Our wonderful guides, John Knox and his sister-inlaw, Sandra Knox, (both Christchurch residents) took us to the most beautiful locations, from seacoast to glacial fields to high mountain ridges. Each day the scenery was more breathtaking than the previous day and our eight other traveling companions were more fun and interesting to get to know. Food was fantastic (ooooh, the lamb, the venison, the desserts!) and our weather was unbelievably wonderful. The New Zealand people were energetic, proud of their wonderful country and determined to help Christchurch and its people rebuild. I did not want to come home.

Since this is a sewing blog, there must be some sewing connection, right? At dinner the first evening, John sat to my left and asked a terrific "get to know someone question." "If you were at home, what would you be doing on a Thursday?" Well, let's face it, after the dogpark, maybe some cooking, I'd most definitely be in my sewing room working on a sewing project. So right away, first night, there I am talking about sewing.....and discovering that John has his own sewing machine and does outerwear repairs and some sewing for his hobbies. Of course my delightful fellow women travelers heard part of this discussion and so we spent the next days comparing sewing experiences, pattern fitting, quilting, needlework and all the fun things that come from exercising our creativity.

I was quite happy with how my sewing wardrobe worked out for the trip.  The knit tops were just the right weight for the late summer evenings and the Saf-T--Pockets cape/shawl pattern was perfect for a light evening cover up and on the plane trips as well.  

Now that I'm back home I'm a bit overwhelmed with other life projects and finding it hard to get back into my sewing frame of mind, particularly for a jacket project.  Our master bathroom is being demolished and replaced starting tomorrow and then we leave here and head north in less than six weeks.  The sewing room is a mess so that's where I'm going to start.  I used to think that I could work effectively in a chaotic space but experience has shown me I was wrong.  I like some order around me so that I can focus on ideas and execution.  No specific project to mention today but I will work on one this week.   I miss the design and sewing process too much to be away from it for long.  It calms me and delights me at the same time.

Now for just a few more pictures:
Hiking up the Fox Glacier Valley
Dinner at the Millbrook Resort
Glenorchy Nature Walk


  1. Sounds like an amazing trip! I'm glad you had a wonderful time.

  2. Welcome Back! I can only imagine how beautiful your trip must have been by seeing these small glimpses. So great to hear the trip exceeded your expectations.

  3. You're so lucky to have had such a fun and interesting trip. Glad that you had a wonderful time.


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