Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Fourth of July

Yes, that's me proudly holding my scout troop's flag in my hometown parade many decades ago.  I still feel the same sense of pride and happiness on the 4th of July each year.

Lots of wonderfully fun activities going on all weekend so not much happening in the sewing room.  Here's what I'll be wearing to go to Baltimore's Inner Harbor fireworks tonight.  Yes, another McCalls 6201 sheath sewn with the lightweight stretch lining I bought at Fabric Mart last week.  Just because it's a day to seriously celebrate freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness doesn't mean that a girl doesn't want to look good.   Not the nicest fabric....sort of a quilting cotton with some lycra....huh?  But the colors work for today.   You'll see it again in a shirt for Mr.Lucky that I promise we will never wear together.   It's got plenty of red, white and blue...without the chance that anyone will salute me.
Hope the 4th is/was fun for you in your part of the world.


  1. That's one very lovely outfit.

  2. Pretty, colorful and fun...

    Hope you like the dill relish when you make it.

  3. Love the outfit you chose for today. Hope you had a good celebration too!


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