Thursday, June 30, 2011

Charity Sewing, Sewing for Others and Gardening for Me

I've done some sewing for people and pets in need and always like getting together with my sewing guild to work on charity projects.  Right now the ASG national project is sewing turtle pillows for Paul Newman's kids camps.  But I was especially touched when I heard about the charity sewing work done at Sharp Hospice in San Diego.  It's definitely a large undertaking but it could also be an idea for a small project for someone you know yourself.  Basically the volunteers sew a teddy bear from the garment of a loved one who has died.  There's a procedure with a standard bear format and then a questionnaire about how the family would or wouldn't like it personalized.  The hospice website has a wonderful journal of a volunteer who started sewing these bears.  Not surprisingly, she had some small struggles assembling the first ones.  (They do provide sewing demonstrations at the volunteer training since sewing skills might be a little rusty.)  Her completed bears make a loving connection with the person who has died and a simple way to keep a memory alive.  Sharp Hospice sewing volunteer journal  

Want to try one yourself?  Here's one of the many free bear patterns on the web.
How Joyful blog entry with bear pattern and instructions

Yesterday was a perfect day in the Lucky casa.  Mr. Lucky and I spent the breezy, warm, low humidity morning weeding, spreading compost and mulch and admiring our hard work.  I got to sew in the afternoon, finish a light summer book, Minding Frankee by Maeve Binchy, walk the dogs, do some more de-clutttering in the basement and enjoyed a terrific grilled salmon, roasted potato and coleslaw dinner, all made by Mr. Lucky last night.  A glass of wine on the deck watching fireflies and it was a simply delightful June day that I didn't want to see end.  But as one of my favorite sermons at church reminded me, this too shall pass.  Fortunately, it didn't pass without me appreciating its beauty and peacefulness.  So here are some backyard pictures to remind me of this day when life is not so easy:

Herbs in pots with tomatoes behind
The famous compost, black gold, bins behind the shed
June and July mean daylilies

How I propagate new hydrangeas.  Place a brick on a low lying branch to let it root to the ground.  Next spring, cut the connecting stem from the mother plant, transplant and water frequently.  Voila!
Astilbe starting to bloom, a variegated lace cap hydrangea just finishing and one of those four year old volunteer hydrangeas in the background

Our garden shed, once an indoor roller skating rink for the first owner when he was an amateur roller skating champ in the 40s.  Now half its original size.
Pots are in bloom all over the yard and deck....but will have to cut back those annuals in a week or two since they are getting leggy.
We are spending good times with several different friends over the holiday weekend.  4th of July is my absolutely favorite holiday...a parade, picnic and fireworks, all in honor of freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  Here's hoping you have a happy weekend as well no matter where in the world you live.


  1. Your garden photos are so pretty! I would be happy to share my dill relish recipe with you. I will email it to you.

    The charities sound like very thoughtful and wonderful ones.

  2. Oh Jane thank you for sharing how you propagate hydrangeas! My husband is the "main" gardener, and he loves to split shrubs, grasses etc. to add to the yard. We will be trying your technique! Enjoy the 4th of July.


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