Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Happy to be Avoiding Sewing

Should I admit this....I didn't want to sew.  You see, our front porch swing, purchased from Nags Head Hammocks on vacation with friends about 20+ years ago, seemed to need a brand new seat.  The macrame roping had gotten terribly mildewed so one of my summer projects was to buy outdoor fabric while Mr. Lucky refinished the frame.  Ugh, home dec sewing, necessary but boooooring.  Mr. Lucky took the seat apart and checked online to see about a new cover.  Whoa, turns out you can wash that seat!  He carefully undid the macrame from the frame and linked it together with plastic ties.  Put it in the front load washer while I was out of town and it came out sparkling white.   He completed the wood refinishing and hung it two days ago.  Looks like new....and I didn't have to sew a thing.  Don't tell him but I have another Kwik Sew shirt in the works to say thanks for saving me from that project.

Last night was my second visit to a local book group meeting in one of library branches.   I thoroughly enjoyed this late life romance taking place amidst a small village in England.  It's a first novel and perhaps a bit overly dramatic at the end but a good take on the conflicts of age versus youth and the new generation, tradition versus progressive values and immigrant assimilation versus cultural loyalty.  Major Pettigrew did just that, he grew through unexpectedly falling in love with the Pakistani village shopkeeper, Mrs. Ali.  Good discussion, interesting perspectives and a fun way to spend a summer evening.


  1. I really enjoyed this book, too.

  2. Funny, that is where my sewing roots are. Home Decor, need some 132 inch panels with a self made valance sewn in and lovely trim ... I am your girl... :O)

    The clothing sewing is new to me :O). I am excited to see what I can do with it. I am almost done with canning season and can get back in the sewing room ...

  3. I loved Major Pettigrew's Last Stand! And the porch swing looks great!

  4. How lucky everything worked out with the swing!


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