Sunday, June 5, 2011

Pamela's Patterns T Shirt Workshop

As you may have noticed by now, I love getting together with my sewing girlfriends....for any reason, sewing related or not.  So when the Northern Virginia chapter of ASG put together a trunk show evening followed by a full day sewing workshop, I was going to attend.   The presenter was to be Pamela Leggett of Pamela's Patterns.  Pamela's Patterns   I had seen her article in this month's Threads magazine but had only glanced at it.  I knew she had a pattern for remaking oversized T shirts into more flattering, feminine ones but I will gladly admit that I was not overly excited about constructing a T shirt yesterday.  I mean, a T shirt?  There are so many other patterns out there calling to me.  How interesting or informative could this be?  OK, once again my preconceptions take me to the wrong place.  Wow, great workshop, terrific patterns and I'm thrilled with everything about the event.   I don't have a finished product to show you yet but I'm going to be cranking out a number of these items in the upcoming weeks.
What did I like about this T shirt pattern?   Hooray, Pamela has done the work for us.  She's put those common adjustments into the pattern so I don't have to mess with making them on the paper pattern at home (the chore I dislike the most.)  There's already a forward shoulder, a darted front option, a widen sleeve bicep, some "essence of waist" shaping and some hip room.  She measured us at the high bust (and a tip, do this snugly) and selected a pattern size for us and advised us to make a petite adjustment if needed (most of us did) which was already marked on the pattern and advised us to use either the plain or darted front (again, most of us needed the darted front.)  She had excellent advice about sewing a side dart in knitted fabric, one of my personal challenges, great pressing tips and by the end of the day everyone had a fitted, but not over-fitted, feminine flattering T without the usual excess underarm fabric or droopy shoulders.  I don't have finished pictures since I'm going to do a center back seam for my swayback and a little tweak for that lower right shoulder adjustment but will do a full pattern review soon.  In the meantime, nothing but pictures of people learning, sewing and having a fun, productive day.  If I'm going to spend a full glorious day in June indoors, then this was the best way to spend it.
Pamela shows us the T shirts and all their variations
Her trunk show

Not a T shirt but a pattern for a stretch woven or stable knit pencil skirt....I had to have this pattern, too.

And I had to have this pattern for a tank top just like my favorite Chicos tanks


  1. While I really enjoyed my quilt workshop yesterday, Jane, I was bummed that the T-Shirt workshop was on the same day and I had to miss it. Sounds as if you're "hooked." I can't wait to see some of your results.

    Regarding the tank top you liked--the pattern shows back straps like a sun dress. Is that really like the Chicos tank top?
    Carolyn H

  2. I am liking that tank top as well. I like those back straps!

    I ran over to her site from your link. I also like her twin set, the one with the shorter cover. Very cute!

  3. I have heard wonderful things about Pamela and her patterns. Glad you had a inspiring time.


  4. Although sewing a Tshirt seems mundane, I continue to make a few every spring. RTW simply are too short, and do not fit me the way I want them to. I haven't tried Pamela's patterns, but hear a lot of good things about them.

  5. Cute stuff! I grew up in Northern Virginia, but now I'm in the southern part.
    I just started taking a sewing class. Hoping to learn how to sew without tantrums, LOL.


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