Saturday, June 18, 2011

Burda 7618 In Process

You seldom see me posting pictures of myself wearing the several muslins that I may make up on the way to a finished final garment.  First of all, it's already a challenge to get Mr. Lucky and me in the same place along with some daylight time, a camera and the latest sewing creation.  I must figure out a tripod location one of these days.  Secondly, hey, it's the Internet and I get to edit these pics, after all.  It's tough enough to look at myself without make up and with sweaty hair after my daily walk....why would I want to share that with the world?  But OK, for you, gentle readers, I will make an exception.

This is my latest entry for my next JAM project.  No one has reviewed this envelope pattern but I do recall that it was first seen in BWOF a few years ago.  Does anyone know which BWOF issue?   

My other sewing related news this week is a result of the latest Joann's Firefly sale.  I went in looking for the new Butterick bust cup size patterns and since those were already sold out, I consoled myself with this dress....and with the 50% off coupon and this book.  I bet most of the instructions for most of the flowers in this book are somewhere on the Internet...but now they're conveniently in one place for me.

Speaking of flowers, the day lilies are starting their blooming season, right on time for the last day of school here.   I'm always reminded of the wonderful start of the seemingly endless summers of my childhood when I see two sights in nature...these day lilies which my father had growing in our yard and this berry.

I don't know its real name...I called it a mulberry when I was young.  My best friend and I would stop at a tree (they grow on trees, not shrubs) on our way home from school and enjoy eating the ones we could reach.  This year their taste is quite bittersweet.  My friend and I lost touch after she dropped out of college with me after her freshman year.  We hadn't seen each other in 40 years but I've thought of her every school end when I taste those berries and recall 12 summers  of our friendship.  She never returned a call in the last 10 years and last fall she died tragically and terribly of the addictions that had destroyed her young potential and her life.  I only hope that those laughing, happy children I saw yesterday have longer, happier lives than she did.


  1. Lovely jacket pattern. What will be the final fabric? I borrowed that flower book from the library at one point - some great ideas to get you rolling.
    So sad about your friend - hopefully she has found the peace that eluded her in this world.

  2. I never made it to the big city for the JoAnns firefly sale. Canning season has taken over my life it seems for now :O), a nice problem to have!

    I too hope your friend has found peace. Addictions have taken many people from us way to soon. The hope in that is, that they have found peace.

  3. I love fabric flowers. I can't wait to see what your new book inspires you to make.

  4. Nice jacket pattern. I do remember seeing it in a Burda magazine as well. Don't know which issue though. Those mulberries look so good.


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