Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Blogaversary and Jalie 2919 Giveaway

To quote The Little River Band,  "Happy Anniversary, baby, I've got you on my mind."  I'd love to have some other wise, pithy or humorously insightful remarks about my first year of blogging but that's the song that keeps running in my mind today.  This little blog has been a delightfully creative and social outlet and much more fun that I anticipated a year ago.  Back then I felt some trepidation about the commitment and my blogging skills.  It's still unfamiliar technology but it's becoming more comfortable and that keeps my mind feeling a bit younger.  (I think I even surprised my friends' 22 year old son when I mentioned "my blog."  He would generally see someone my age as still dialing a rotary phone.)  And blogging makes me more accountable for my sewing time and a generally unfocused dilettante like me can always use more focus in her life.  

Let's celebrate with a giveaway.  You saw how much I've been enjoying the Draped Cardigan Pattern from Pamela's Patterns.  No, I'm not giving that one up but how would you like the Jalie 2919 cardigan?   Postage is on me anywhere in the world.

Please leave me a comment (with your email addy) and I'll put you in the drawing to be held in two weeks on my real wedding anniversary, Oct. 3.

What else is new in my corner of the sewing universe?  I feel physically lighter this week, for one thing.  Last week my Craigslist fabric sold to a sweet young woman starting the Fashion and Design program at the local college.  Hooray for her getting quality fabrics for a terrific price and hooray for me seeing them go to a creative home.  Other fabric remnants and leftovers as well as patterns went to our ASG sewing group on Saturday.  I brought about 10 pieces and only came home with one new one for my collection.  Anything that our group did not want is donated by a member to Iraqi women so another hooray for all of us.  

Of course, as I am making the final decisions about which fabrics to sell or give away, I'm always handling those fabrics once again.  This double sided wool was just too nice to see leave.  It's a nubby wool and nylon on one side and a thin lightweight woven wool bonded to the back.  I'm using it to make a lightweight cape/jacket from this Vogue pattern#8674.  It's one of their bust cup size patterns 

Yesterday I cut out a quick muslin to check the sizing and today I've cut out the jacket itself.   
Normally I don't examine layout instructions too much anymore.  We can call that experience or perhaps complacency, depending on a good outcome or not.  Thankfully I did check them out because they reminded me to cut the two cape pieces with the nap going in the same direction. Whoops, would have missed that so thanks, Vogue, for starring the layout.  

Ok, gotta get sewing that project.  Thanks to your sweet comments, commiserations and conversations all year long.   I'm more excited than ever to sew more and blog more this year.  Cheers!


  1. Happy blogiversary! Can it be one year already?! That was brilliant to de-stash a bit!!

  2. Congratulations on your blog anniversary! I've been reading only a short while, but am really enjoying it. Would love to win the pattern.

  3. Congrats on your blog anniversary and your up coming wedding one!

    I would like to enter your drawing!

    Thats so cool a gal starting a fashion design program at school bought some of your craigslist fabrics.

  4. congrats on your blog anniversary. Love that jalie pattern! Thanks for the giveaway! Love the blog too :)

  5. Happy blogiversary to you!

    I have been enjoying your writings for some time now, in fact, you inspired me to buy (and make) the magic pencil skirt pattern (blogged about here: http://peggyscloset.blogspot.com/2011/07/new-skirt-trip-to-city.html).

    I would love to be included in the drawing for the Jalie pattern! Thank you for your generosity.

    ~ Peggy

  6. Happy anniversary and blogiversary to you. Thanks for the opportunity to be in the draw. Hope I win!
    jkachkar(at)shaw(dot) ca

  7. Happy anniversary and blogiversary! This is a great pattern for your giveaway. I like it so much and hope to win it! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Happy anniversary.I love that pattern just what i need for cold old UK

  9. Congratulations on your blog anniversary! And I would like to take part of the Giveaway!

  10. Happy anniversary! How nice that your destashing fabrics went to such a good home. I am sure her projects will be much more successful made with quality fabrics. I don't need any more patterns so please do not include me in the give away.

  11. Jane Happy anniversary! I really enjoy your blog it reminds me of sewing with you at retreat

  12. I'd love a chance to win the Jalie cardigan. I've eyed that pattern for a while.

    And the cape looks very fun. I'd like to make a cape after I've made myself a regular coat or two.

  13. Happy blog anniversary. It must be very pleasing to see your fabric go somewhere where you know it will be used.
    You are very generous with your give away. I have been looking at this Jalie pattern for a while too, and would love to be included.
    stitchbliss (at) stitchbliss dot com

  14. I'm looking forward to seeing that jacket. Capes are all the rage right now. This one has beautiful styling. Please enter me in the drawing for the Jalie pattern.

  15. Congrats on your blogiversary. I have this pattern in my queue.

  16. I love this pattern. It would be perfect for the not so cold winters here in Vegas. (they get cold, just not ridiculously like I grew up with).

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  18. Congratulations to on your anniversary and thank you for the opportunity!

    Rose in SV
    mes0ra at gm4il dot com
    (please change the numbers to appropriate letters)

    PS--I was finally able to log in--I'm glad that you had a long time to enter the drawing--thanks again!

  19. Happy Anniversary times 2 Congratulations on your destashing efforts. I generally just donate to the local thrift shop, but I prefer your way much better as you have the benefit of knowing your pieces are going to good homes. I would love to enter your drawing for the Jalie pattern. It would make my kind of garment because it would be both lovely and practical.
    Nadine - nwoods70(at)gmail(dot)com


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