Thursday, October 20, 2011

Crafting Something New

I need to get my blogging and sewing mojo back up and running but I've been having too much fun visiting with friends, enjoying the autumn weather and visiting our fabulous new local dog park.  The living room curtains are fully sewn but I still have to tie up the pleats and then get Mr. Lucky to install the rod and the curtains.  I hope it's just an afternoon's project.  In the meantime, here's my first Pinterest completed project....but not even a sewing one.  So move on to your next blog if crafting bores you, you won't hurt my feelings.  
It's an easy peasy Dollar Store project which could be embellished for any season of the year.  My original "pin" with the directions: original blogger's idea

Now my version: 

 The only changes I made was to use sticky floral "stick-um" to hold the glass candles steady inside the vase (so I could rplace them when they burn out) and glass glue to hold the vase on the candlestick.   I don't have night pictures but they looked lovely on our dining room table when we were entertaining on Saturday.
Materials and steps:

Now for a big giggle for those of you that stayed through this post.  This past summer we purchased a new car....ughh, awful process but love the new Subaru Outback and expect to drive it for at least the next 10 or 12 years.  One of the dealer's selling points was free oil changes for the life of the car....hey, great that's an ongoing savings.  Another selling point, free manicures for the life of the car...huh?  yup, you read that correctly.  Stop by anytime for a free manicure...for the girl or guy driving that Subaru.  Do they figure it's an unused offer because they figure most Subaru owners are too busy off-roading through mountain passes to stop by for a manicure....or perhaps we're such rough and ready outdoor types that we are more likely to need a manicure than say a BMW driver?  Anyway, yesterday I stopped by on my way home from afternoon tea with a long time girlfriend and got my first Subaru manicure.

Lovely young lady has a small station set up in the service waiting area and did a very nice job.  I was especially tickled because just this year I had decided to stop getting my acrylic nails filled after 20 years.  My nails have finally grown out after that weak awful stage so the free manicure thing is kinda cool.  But it's definitely the first time I ever heard of this sort of car sales benefit.  Do they do this in your neck of the woods?


  1. One of the local Toyota dealers advertises free manicures (Norfolk, VA), but I bought my Toyota from a different dealer.

  2. Your glass lanterns look lovely!

  3. What a hoot free manicures for life! Thats cool... I am driving a 9 yr old vehicle which I still really like. It only has 74000 miles on it. I don't go very much. Plan to drive it till the wheels fall off as they say lol. Buying vehicles is a horrible experience I agree LOL.


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