Friday, October 21, 2011

Halfway There

Gwen, you said it well: Hanging drapes is no picnic either.  Yesterday Mr. Lucky got the rods installed and I clipped the swags up so I could get a first look at these new window toppers.  So far, ok....although I will fuss with those folds a bit.   But the jabots require a separate installation involving L brackets, several 4" square pieces of wood and four drapery pins.   I went out for the drapery pins last night and had to wait behind 15(!) people in line at Joann's.  Forgot, this is the crazy Halloween season.  That and a coupon sale meant retail madness.  
Half of the Pate-Meadows Catherine Valance
Too late to do the installation work last night and it's not going to happen today either.  I'm packing to head up to my hometown in northern NJ for another annual overnight with about a dozen or more of my 8th grade classmates.   I like to wear something I've sewn recently but there's a sudden deep chill in the air.  I think the best I can do is wear one of the Pamela's Patterns draped cardigans tonight and my Simplicity 2364 top tomorrow.  My recent much loved lace skirt is a little to much for a burger at the high school hangout or lunch at a local pizza place tomorrow.  Ah well, that's exactly why I'm usually sewing sportier, more casual clothes for these type of social events.
Hope your weekend is as sweet and enjoyable as mine promises to be. 

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