Saturday, November 5, 2011


What motivates you to begin or complete a sewing project?  Sometimes I'm motivated by a deadline.  That was one of the reasons I entered one of the Patternreview contests in 2010.  Sometimes I'm excited about a class that I took and want to finish or make more of a new design.  That's happened when I've had Sarah Veblen fit some muslins for me and I was suddenly eager to try my adjustments on real fabric.  Sometimes I just run out of pins...
I've mentioned before  Susan Khalje pins and needles that I love my Japanese pins and needles.  When my supply was running low this week I had to go and tackle the projects that had used up those pins.  Some of those were muslins for some jackets that I am considering for this year's JAM project.  I took all three jacket muslins to visit a sewing friend this week and she helped me make some decisions and finalize the fit.  Two of them made the cut to become real garments and one of them was abandoned entirely.  I abandoned another one on my own, a Simplicity tunic.  I wanted a lightweight summer tunic topic but realized that I seldom wear the one RTW one that I do have.  If I decide I still want one, I'll buy one next summer at H&M and wear it for a season or two.  Sometimes the best use of my sewing time is to quit an idea and move along.
More pins were located in the three more pencil skirts that I had already cut out.  I'm lucky enough to have a short sewcation this weekend and yesterday sewed up all three of those skirts.  We leave for Florida this week so the two lace ones will head south with me and the green moleskin one will stay in the north since it coordinates wonderfully with the heather green merino draped cardigan from a few months ago.

And what about those muslins?  It felt good to empty some closet space, put my sewing time towards projects that do work for me and my lifestyle....and regain my pin supply.
Full speed ahead for the next project....


  1. very productive! Enjoy this gorgeous weather.

  2. Sounds like you have been spending your time well - you have achieved a lot as well as regaining your precious pins. I love your pencil skirts - particularly the middle one - the fabric is fabulous!

  3. So funny - I run out of pins, too! Then I have to delve into the little box of unpleasant pins. Time to get sewing, especially before I lose interest in those already cut projects.

  4. The lack of pins motivated you to sew those skirts! They all look fantastic.

  5. Lucky you to be going south to Florida, my favorite state. I lived there for 9 years and will one day retire there--I hope. Your skirts look lovely, especially the lace one. You will enjoy them where you are going.

  6. love your skirts - the first and third ones are my favourites. It is always interesting to see what motivates others to sew - I`ve never seen a shortage of pins before ! LOL


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