Sunday, November 13, 2011

Finish, Then Leave

There are many reasons I'm a lucky sew and sew.  Just one of them is that I've been a "snowbird" for the last 8 years meaning that I head to a sunnier, warmer climate for the winter months.  That's the terrific part of this life.  The slightly majorly hectic part of this relatively new lifestyle is that I end up rushing around in the last two weeks at each location madly trying to visit with friends who I won't see again for months as well as finishing up indoor and outdoor projects I swore I would complete and then packing up the car while making strange final meals of whatever is left in the refrigerator, freezer and cabinets.   I'm not the most Zen-like person in these times....nor am I at any other time but these frequent moves do exhaust me.   So here's one project that I was glad to finish before our departure this past Thursday.
Catherine Valence pattern from Pate-Meadows

It was little more complicated to sew and install than a simple home dec pattern from the Big 4 companies.  Here's my original post with the details.
first Pate Meadows blog post
Thanks to Mr. Lucky we got these put up before we left town.

So it's back home to Florida once again. We had a wonderful visit with family in South Carolina along the way and a long but easy drive down the Gulf Coast.  The dogs were thrilled to return to the dogpark yesterday morning where they reacquainted themselves with four legged friends while we hugged our two legged ones.    I ran into two local sewing friends while grocery shopping yesterday as well.  It's such a comfort to have a hobby that brings together so many interesting and creative people.  I miss my northern friends already but am getting ready to re-enter my southern life.  Yes, it's a life with some divided loyalties and I don't think we'll keep it up for too many more years but the common thread all the time is a love for sewing and fashion.  What a joy to have that in my life no matter where I live.


  1. Jane, your valance turned out lovely! I've never used Pate-Meadows patterns, but I have wondered about them.
    Welcome back down to the sunshine state! Are you anywhere near Tampa?

  2. I was just thinking about you and wondering if it was time to go south. I am so curious where you will settle? I imagine you will prefer warm & sunny Florida.

    I must confess to feeling a little relieved that you find it exhausting. I split my time between to homes and I find it exhausting, too. But, there are benefits which make it a good situation. Still, all those details!!
    Glad you are settled into your southern home now.
    And the curtains look lovely.

  3. Welcome back to Florida! You're on my side on the Gulf - where? The valance is gorgeous!

  4. Hopefully you'll take a bit of time to relax now.
    The valance is beautiful!

  5. Glad you made it safely to your sunny southern location. The window treatment is very pretty!

  6. The valence looks wonderful. Welcome back to Florida!


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