Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sew or Read?

Are you ever caught between two wonderful choices?  It's a cool, cloudy day here in SW Florida, the dogs are tired out from running at the dogpark, errands and some cleaning are done, hooray, I have sewing room time available.  But I've been quite busy for the last three days and have not been keeping up on my blog reading.  I so enjoy seeing what you are creating, what your thought process is for a project....or perhaps for the year ahead.  I could use up daylight time just reading and smiling at your wonderful entries.  But no, I will contain my excitement and get back to my current project.  
This dress is going to be a combination of Simplicity 3678 but with straight sleeves from my Simplicity 2364 top sleeves and the wrap from McCalls 5974, truly a frankenpattern in the works.  If I focus my attention on sewing it will be done before the snoring dogs awaken and have to go out for a walk.  Off the computer, onto my sewing machines....

Hope your day is filled with multiple good things as well.


  1. Great choice of patterns to combine on this one - will make for a super dress.

  2. Yes, I know what you mean! It is a perfect day in my neck of FL for such activities - cool and gray. I wish I had a fireplace.

  3. Oh, my - polka dots. I love polka dots! Looks like the makings of a wonderful dress.

  4. I hope you got some concentrated time to sew....can't wait to see your dress. I love a morphed pattern!


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