Sunday, January 22, 2012

Slight Change in Plans

I was going to do a frankenpattern version of this wonderful Simplicity 3678 but really disliked the initial result.  Wrapping extra folds of fabric around the narrowest part of my body by adding the waist tie from the McCalls pattern...why did I think that would be a good look for me?  Rather than accenting a womanly curve it merely added bulk to my mid-section.  I only basted in the wrap piece so quickly removed it and sewed up there two additional versions of Simplicity 3678 to wear here in Florida.  I fell in love with it last summer while making several versions to wear in Maryland version 2, my favorite  version 3   and now I have two grab and go flattering dresses in the condo closet.   

No photos of me in the dress (Mr. Lucky is out of town until Monday) but I merely look 6 months older than in the previous pictures.  The only slight variation is that the polka dot version has a straight 3/4 inch sleeve and the print version is more boho in flavor so I kept the bell shaped sleeves on that one.  I wish the wrap idea had panned out but the theme here is know your body, know what looks good and don't try to be someone else.  Since this dress style is flattering on me I do think my next version of this dress will be to do a FBA on the alternate scoop neck style from this pattern and give that one a try.  

Now it's time to get projects ready for nest week's 3 day sewing retreat.  I usually overpack projects but I like knowing that I have alternatives for any part of the sewing day and night.  This year, hmmmm, I think I might give a try for the Tabula Rasa jacket with some pieced sheer fabrics and serger seams, work on embellishing another pencil skirt with some silk dupioni flowers, do a muslin for another sheath dress, this time with shoulder princess seams and also try the Pamela's Pattern's cardigan in a sweater knit.  Cutting and packing ahead of me but I'm so looking forward to another great visit.  Hope you have something you are looking forward to with anticipation.


  1. Those are beautiful dresses. I think abandoning the wrap was a very good idea--maybe it's one of those features best enjoyed by admiring how it looks on other people. Have a great retreat!

  2. Super dresses! Sounds like you have a lot of great ideas for your sewing retreat. Enjoy and have a ball! The only thing I'm looking forward to is getting this other eye de-catarated so I can get on with my life!

  3. Two fabulous dresses, Jane! I'm sure you will got some good use from them. I can also see how they would work with another layer over, for those chilly nights or the AC. Nicely done!
    Sewing retreat? How fun is that!!!!


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