Monday, July 30, 2012

Offray Ribbon Outlet, Hagerstown, MD

Yes, fashionista sewists, there are ribbon outlets as well as fabric outlets in my corner of the world.  And you wondered why I call myself lucky?
On my drive to my friend's terrific birthday party, I was within a few miles of the famous Berwick Offray Ribbon Outlet and just had to stop in for a I hear an "amen?"  
Berwick Offray outlet write up  The plant is located in a suburb of Hagerstown, MD and like any good outlet, the inventory changes daily.  I don't even "need" any ribbon but their prices and selection make this stop irresistible.  And those Pinterest pictures and projects  are always in the back of my mind so here's what I got and here's how I'm storing it.
Simply Irresistible
$.50 a roll, from 10 yards to 30 yards on a roll
My most expensive purchase, $3.60 each for 10 yards apiece
$.10 a roll....and the blue gingham is wired!
$.25 per bag
$.50 per plastic grocery bag
Yes, there are rolling canvas carts full of these grocery bags with yards and yards of ribbon just stuffed inside...$.50 per bag.  So I was right behind the woman who brought out a new supply and grabbed four bags.  When I got home I emptied the bags and started winding up the ribbons inside.  The red white and blue ribbons were obviously leftovers from the recent US patriotic holidays.  The stars were probably meant to be printed on all the ribbon but missed some so now I have a coordinated set with which to update my holiday door wreath.
The pale Green is wide, wired ribbon in one of my favorite colors and which happens to be the green in that new "Tres Chis" fabric adorning my sewing room.  
The black and white polka dot is also wired ribbon and again has some misprints and faded dots along the yards....but there's plenty here to be salvageable for a sharp project.
I included the last bag unwrapped just to show you that they look quite mundane and boring at the factory.  here's what happens when you dump out one of these grab bags:
Spilled out onto the floor

As you start winding the ribbon you notice the color changes and flaws and can decide to remove them or mark them.  I simply cut this bundle into separate sections of color:
All this ribbon from that bag

Here's how I organized this latest collection along with other ribbons in my resource center
Now let's all sing along with the late Robert Palmer...
don't you think a ribbon outlet is 
Simply Irresistible?


  1. Yes, the outlet of the ribbon is truly appealing! I think the cost of it's suitable as the rolls of ribbon are looking so pretty. Thanks for a cool presentation.
    yard kilts

  2. Oh man is that kewl! You got some beautiful ribbons and I'm sure you will think of some interesting ways to use them!

  3. Came across your blog while trying to find out if there was still an Offray Outlet in Hagerstown. A relative near there said it was closed, but I feel new it still open??

    1. Yes it's still open
      It's right next to the plant on the corner, blue building.
      Sorry don't know the address

  4. The ribbon outlet is a cool place. Jane you were very near me when you were there.


  5. fabric outlets? where are they? we'll be travelling through the area in a couple of weeks LOL

    1. I would hate to be accused of fabric enabling but I always think Fabric Mart in Sinking Spring, PA is worth the trip. Not pretty, but great prices and quality and sales.

  6. I was within a few miles of the famous Berwick Offray Ribbon Outlet and just had to stop in for a visit..

    AMEN LOVE IT - that could have been 200 miles and worth it to any fashion sewista!!!

  7. Thanks for all the great reviews. The Ribbon Outlet is now on facebook, Berwick Offray Ribbon Outlet. We look forward to seeing all of you. Thanks again.


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