Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Two More Vogue 7717 Tops

Thank you so much, lovely readers, for your kind comments about those bias dresses from my last post.  I'm wearing one of them as I type and so appreciate you taking the time to stop by, read and comment.  
The hot July days we have been having sent me to the sewing room to make up two more Vogue 7717s.  This one is from some coral/tangerine eyelet (FabricMart) that I have had in my collection for at least five years.  I thought maybe it would be a light summer jacket and even have a coordinating inexpensive (meaning thin and flimsy) knit in the perfectly matched color to make a tank top for the proposed jacket.  But then the 90-100 degree F days kept repeating and I made a cool, lightweight top instead.  I am never a person who is on the cusp of any fashion trend but I did have to give myself some "atta girl's" for sewing up this color while it was still in fashion.
Vogue 7717
These tops are so easy to make that I have to find a way to add some spice to them.   The next one is from a very wrinkly linen mini-check, also from Fabric Mart.  I must have been inspired by a discussion on Patternreview of the Jalie scarf top because I decided to add a mini fabric tube "scarf" held in place by fabric loops and accented with some buttons from my collection.  Despite having washed this linen a few times, it remains rather scratchy as well so this won't become my best loved top this summer.
Fabric tube scarf detail
What I am loving these days is summer produce.  Here's some of that peach jam in the making that I mentioned previously.  

And here are our Brandywine heirloom tomatoes, obviously happy as can be in this weather.  So despite the heat there's still summer fun happening at our house.  
Next post, staying cool indoors with some sewing room redecorating.  


  1. I really like your linen top. What a shame it's scratchy!

  2. OMG OMG OMG! I LOVE your "tube" version of the scarf!!!! Would you object if I copy? I'd link to your blog as inspiration! :D

    1. By the way, that is too bad about it being scratchy. And the tomatoes - YUM!!!!!! I am addicted to fresh heirloom tomatoes.

  3. I love the tube scarf on your top. It looks like something from a Japanese sewing book. And such a great way to add a small detail.

  4. That tube scarf top is super! Could you use it as a mid-season top, with a camie underneath to stop the scratchy feeling??? Worth a try as it is a pity not to wear it...
    ✿ Judy
    made by J

  5. Great tops. What a clever idea for the neckline on the grey top. Love it!

  6. Terrific tops. I love the tangerine one, which is my favorite color. That pattern is nowhere to be found--drat! I can never make peace with linen. I know it's a wonderful fabric but we just do not get along.

  7. Jane, You look lovely in your cool tangerine top. It's great find stylish designs to keep cool in the summer heat. Both tops are winners. And I absolutely love homemade jam and fresh grown vegetables.

  8. That scarf top is completely adorable!! Shams brought it to my attention, and I might just have to use yours as inspiration too. Such a clever idea... I LOOOOOVE it!


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