Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bound for Artistry in Fashion

Mr. Lucky and I are boarding VirginAmerica tomorrow for a five day trip to CA to visit with his family.  The timing is also perfect to allow me to attend an event I've heard about:  Artistry in Fashion  http://artistryinfashion.com/ put on by Canada College's Fashion Department in Redwood City, CA.  
I eagerly read other blogger's reports in previous years and am thrilled that I'll get to attend.....and I hope meet some virtual sewing friends in the process.
JillyBe's 2011 report   Sham's 2011 report

The vendors look wonderful and I'm delighted to  hear Marsha McClintock, owner of Saf-T-Pockets patterns, speak again....particularly after I enjoyed making her Vest S-Cape in 2011 for our New Zealand trip  Vest S-Cape review

Mr. Lucky and I met 30 years ago in northern CA after my former company had transferred me from Baltimore to the west coast.  I still think it is one of the most beautiful places in the USA and am happy that we have family and friends there to give us opportunities to visit every so often.  This is not a long trip since we have many other things on our plate right now back on the east coast.  But we will make the most of it, seeing family, seeing the beautiful scenery, eating dim sum, and for me, enjoying being among creative, energizing designers and sewing enthusiasts.  


  1. Look for me! I'll be wandering around all day; Hope to meet you there :)

  2. I do hope that you have a wonderful, wonderful time! Sounds like a marvelous trip.

  3. Have a wonderful trip, and an especially awesome time at Artistry in Fashion. And do find Jilly Be. She's such a dear!

  4. Oh, I hope you have so much fun! I also want to comment on your Style Arc pants, they are wonderful. I've been on the fence also and you may have pushed me over the edge with those. I loved the "lollipop figure" visual, that's what I have...

  5. cool! I hope you snap pics and post about it!

  6. How very lucky that you will be able to attend Artistry in Fashion this year. We have prepared the best ever for this 21st annual event. I would love to meet you if possible. Ronda Chaney


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