Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Able to Breathe and Blog Again

Yesterday the sun was sunnier and the trees and skies were brighter, all because my friend Cathy's son and his friend were rescued from Glacier National Park on Monday.  It was am emotionally frightening four days and I'm not even a parent, just a friend who hates to see a dear friend suffer. The terror of a missing child must be the hardest pain there is.  I am humbled by the amount of anguish present at any moment in the world.  But this story had a happy outcome and I feel lighter and freer just to know that one potentially tragic story ended so well.  
As I get older I'm so much more aware of the pain and suffering in life, with no rhyme or reason, and all that I do know is that we are in this together.  You too probably have pain and suffering in your life but I hope you too have joys and celebrations along the way.  And their experience is certainly a reminder to be prepared in life for bumps in the road as well as in your sewing projects.  Glacier National Park Missing Hikers Were Well Prepared
That tension and anxiety kept me from writing a word on this blog but now I will catch you up on what sewing I did get done last week.  I was so inspired by Sandra Betzina earlier in the week that I packed my sewing machine when we had a short trip, just to make sure I could fit in sewing time.
I finished a lace skirt (yes, another Pamela's Pattern's Magic Pencil Skirt) with Fabric Mart fabric 
and also two more pairs of Style Arc Elle pants.  
Stretch lace and stretch silk charmeuse lining

The navy ones had the least amount of stretch so I added 1/4" to the side seams and replaced the waistband with some stretchier poly lycra lining and they go on much more smoothly.  Navy fabric is another Fabric Mart find and the stretch poly charmeuse is from
The second pair is a very thin, stretchy corduroy in a raisin color, also from Fabric Mart.  Plenty of stretch in this one so no need for any adjustments.  
(Aside:Don't pants look awful hanging on a hanger?)

While I was waiting to hear more news about Neal and Jason I spent a lot of time cutting out a supply of easy to sew projects....more pencil skirts, pants, a new Vogue knit pattern and a jacket.  I don't trust myself to sew or try a complicated pattern when I'm that distracted.  It's nice to have a supply of easy projects to grab and enjoy in an hour or two.  Next I'm working on a few jackets and tops to go with the new skinny pants.  It's a new silhouette for me so I have to reconsider the length and proportion of tops and jackets.  But that's a lot easier to do now that my mind is more at ease.  
Here's hoping that you have a good outcome for anything that is troubling you these days....or at least know that you have friends and family who will be there for you, no matter what happens.

A happier, sunnier day, inside and out


  1. I am glad to hear that your friends son was found and rescued. The older I get the more aware I am of my own vulnerabilities and those of others. I am more cautious and I worry more. Perhaps this is universal? We must be getting wiser as we get older.
    Hard to judge your skirt and pants on the hanger (the only way to get photographs sometimes, I know.) I am sure they look good on. You've been productive!

  2. Thank God the young men were found alive and well! This happens a lot in SE Alaska, well, all over Alaska - when folks go hiking and lose their way. My son went hunting the other day and lost the trail. They were lost for a couple of hours. It is frightening.

  3. Whew! I held my breath just reading their story.

  4. *whew* I was following that story from the beginning (not knowing that I had a blogger connection to the hikers), and was SO relieved when I heard they were safe. :) I cannot even imagine if it were a relative, or even a close friend, of mine.

  5. i was following the story, too, no idea how close to home it was for you. so glad they were found and safe and sound. smart guys, sounds like.

  6. I was also following the story...relieved when they were found! Your lace skirt is beautiful!!! Great idea to replace the waistband with lining...that makes a lot of sense...thanks for sharing!

  7. Thanks for sending your thoughts and prayers our way. Neal has to put up with his mother continuously petting him LOL

  8. Thankfully, everything turned out well. What a scary situation. Your lace skirt is awesome!


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