Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sandra Betzina Trunk Show

Who taught you to sew?  My mother gave it her best shot with me many decades ago but as a rebellious teenager I wasn't a very good student.  My home ec teacher tried a year or two later and had about the same low success rate.  I learned to operate a sewing machine and could make basic items of clothes which looked just fine on me because I was young and looked just fine at that age anyway.  But this woman, Sandra Betzina, taught me to sew and love sewing.  
Sandra Betzina with Cathy and Jane
For almost twenty years now I've watched her former TV show on HGTV, bought each of her books, been to numerous sewing expos and local stores to hear her speak and do her trunk show. Last night was just another enjoyable and energizing time with Sandra.  My friend Cathy and I signed up for her Baltimore trunk show, held at the local sewing lounge, The Sassy Sewer, close to my home. Sassy Sewer Baltimore, Maryland  Sandra had been in the area for the Chantilly, VA sewing expo but since I didn't attend that event, I was thrilled to see her three hour presentation locally.  
What did I learn at the trunk show?  Well, for one I learned that there were several patterns of hers that I have totally ignored based upon the pattern pic and line drawings.  I am not attracted to dropped shoulders, for instance but when I tried on her versions of these three patterns, even though I had initial hesitations, I really liked how they looked.
Vogue 1262

Vogue 1319
Vogue 1243
I put them immediately on my must buy list.  The slightly pegged hemline of #1319 and that horizontal upper chest seam take this coat from boring "bog coat" to snappy sort of retro.  #1262 was wonderfully flattering with that sleeve armscye treatment doing a wonderful job or removing excess fabric that usually occurs in my front upper arm joint on jackets and coats.  #1243 looked baggy and oversized in the line drawings but lively sewn up in multi-ply silks.  
Vogue 1036
I already own many other patterns but haven't done anything with most of them....yet.  Trying this denim jacket on in person convinced me to pull it out and move it up on my queue.
Vogue 1036
Here's Dan putting away many of the garments after the presentation.  As you can tell, a lot of work and a lot of wonderfully creative garments made up in luscious fabrics that got me excited about fall and winter sewing.  

As a bonus for attending, Sandra made a special offer to all her attendees....and to anyone reading this blog post.  Here's a subscription offer for acess to all of the past web tv shows (more than one hundred) and this year's new 26 web tv episodes from Power Sewing Webtv archive show list and descriptions, all for the reduced price of $60 per year.  You'll have to call, not email, to get this offer : 415-876-2434

Can't wait to pull out some Vogue Today's fit patterns and get to work.  Hope you have something in t=your sewing space that has you happy with anticipation.


  1. Thanks for this peek into the trunk show you attended. I, too, have some of Sandra's patterns and need to get them sewn. First up is the V1319 coat, which I'm making with a cardinal red melton and black leather trim.

  2. I've made that jeans jacket. It's a great pattern. Glad you had a fun outing!

  3. I too have been to several of Sandra's events, have most all of her books and she continues to inspire me. I would love to have seen these jackets up front and personal Thanks for sharing.

  4. You certainly went to the right place for sewing inspiration! And how wonderful to be able to try on the various pieces to see whether you like them. Lucky, lucky you!

  5. Sandra didn't teach me to sew, but it was her "No Time To Sew" book that got me sewing again after a long, long break. She's an inspiration! I'm so happy you got to meet her and try on garments. Thanks for the pattern evaluations.

  6. Sandra is coming back to Maryland. Check out our website. www.marylandasg.org. Hope you can attend!


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