Thursday, August 1, 2013

Style Arc Patterns and the Amber Woven Blouse

All winter long I waited each month to see what Style Arc's 'free" pattern of the month would be.  Each time I was disappointed that the "look" that month wasn't really me....until April when Patsy was the freebie.  So I sent off my order for these three patterns:
Style Arc April 2013 order
After having had some tunic success I decided to give the Amber top a try first.I don't normally wear raglan sleeve tops but wanted to see what I thought of this one since it had side darts.  
Lucky and I discuss the fit of the Amber top....are you noticing the similar colors in our outfits?.

I  bought a size 12 and added maybe 1/2 inch to the bottom six inches by my high and lower hip area.  I did have to do a small FBA to stop this top from swinging up in the front.  What surprised me, however, was that even before the FBA I had to raise the bust dart 1/2 inch.  I actually did a petite adjustment across the front, the sleeve and the back.  Now the armhole is a little higher, the bust dart is in the right place and the front and back are level.  I did a swayback adjustment of 3/4" and could probably do a slightly larger one but I'll live with the final results.  It's a casual woven tunic like top after all, meant to skim my body on hot summer days and good with skinny jeans.  It just might be a good summer dress, making that initial pattern investment from Australia even more worthwhile.
Both of us are smiling at the result.
Front and back hems look even to me.
This is my second mock up with the FBA test so I didn't use the center panel instructions, just stitched it up in a cross-dyed linen remnant from a dress last summer.  Very wearable and very happy that I have another TNT pattern to use in some creative ways.
Very bendy....

Isn't this jewelry a kick?  When I was at the fashion show where I caught up with Susan Khalje, I saw several of these bendable necklaces/bracelets.  I bought a few and enjoy having something casual but shiny for outfits like this. These are readily available on Ebay as well  Bendable Necklace They must have been a costume jewelry trend that I missed about three or four years ago (no surprise there) since I spotted one of these necklaces in a scene in a movie recently....and I'm always behind on movies, too.  
Speaking of movies, here's what my monthly potluck movie discussion group has been watching over the last four months.  
"The Women on the Sixth Floor"  The Women on the Sixth Floor was a delightful, charming film to welcome us back to Baltimore.  It is set in France in the 60's and the costumes and sets are fantastic....see it just for the fashions.  It was an audience favorite at Aspen a few years ago and we all could see why.  
In May we watched "Vitus."  Vitus  Wow, what a perfect film.  Just when you think it's going to be a cliche,  musical prodigy, pushy parents, we know where this is going....there are lovely subtle twists and wonderfully poignant moments.  We all raved about it.  This one won the Swiss Best Film and we agreed with the judges.....not that any of us had seen any other Swiss films from 2007 LOL.
In June we watched an Iranian film that was so gentle and sweet and endearing, "Children of Heaven"  Children of Heaven which was released in 1997 and nominated for an Oscar that year.  It's slow and quiet and we didn't have much to say other than we enjoyed watching it unfold.
This past month we would usually be going to one of the many outdoor movies in the Baltimore area.  But high heat made us change our plans and so the movie group enjoyed a Canadian film, "Sabah."  Sabah  It's an examination of a cross-cultural romance as Muslim immigrants find new homes and lives in Canada.  We enjoyed it and enjoyed discussing the themes and ideas.  
Now, must go pack for four days of fun. Will fill you in those details next time.  Until then, sew grateful......  


  1. I will look for some of those movies. The one set in France especially sounds good. I love Style Arc patterns because I have to do a lot less fitting. I've been thinking about the Amber shirt for awhile but I actually have to buy a few more pant patterns. I'm looking forward to hearing about the Barb stretch pants pattern. I wonder how it differs from the Linda which I just purchased.

    1. I hope you have good luck with your Style Arc purchases. I was hoping to have avoid fitting adjustments as so many others have experienced but alas, not my personal experience. However, I like the styles and will continue to watch for those monthly updates.

  2. Good pictures of you and Lucky with your "matching outfits". How cute! The Amber top looks nice on you. I believe that you have another TNT as a wardrobe staple.

    1. Thank you, Rose. It's a simple top but could be quite a canvas for creativity.

  3. I love the blouse, and you and Lucky are adorable together.


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