Thursday, November 28, 2013

Mock Ups and Gratitudes

I'm heading to my sewing space for a few hours to watch the Macy's Day Parade and cut out another mock up for fitting in the next few weeks.  I had to reschedule my visit with Sarah Veblen for some personal reasons but am eager to sew up some new winter clothes.  Nothing new to post except a picture of three mock ups which I have prepared:

Margarita Top, Alabama Chanin Corset top and Burda 7798
I'm wanting a sort of boho top for holiday gatherings and might make this Burda patten in some silk velvet or shiny poly in my resource center.

This past Sunday my minister read a beautiful poem for this holiday and one that I've been sharing with friends and family on Facebook.  It sums up my sentiments today.  I hope you have a spirit of gratitude in your heart no matter where in the world you live.

“A Thanksgiving Poem” 
by Peter LaForge:

Perhaps I should have said it just between
The wine and grace, the wishing and the blessing.
That was a time for words, when the scene
Had just begun, before we passed the dressing.
Before the knife cut deep into the breast,
I might have paused, looked up and all around
Into the eyes of each of them. A jest
Came easier, wit tossed into the sound
And lost. Between the stuffing and the pie,
Was yet another quiet moment when
I could have told them all.
Instead I sighed And let it pass. Just once before the end
I should have cried, "Listen, before you go.
I love you. I just wanted you to know."

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  1. Loved the poem. It rang so true that I shared it with my whole family. Thank you!


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