Sunday, November 10, 2013

Use It or Lose it

My sewing room and supplies merger is almost complete, hooray.  I did not realize how much time an outside project would take up last month and so my sewing time was minimal.  Mr.Lucky and I had two lovely long weekend trips and a few day hikes and bike rides as well.  When I did take the time to walk into my sewing space, I just couldn't concentrate on a new garment project so I enjoyed some autumn decorating instead.  For the last ten years we would have been closing up our home to make the move to Florida for six plus months.  This year I got to add some new seasonal home dec items and also use up some of my enormous stash of supplies.  
Here are the two wreaths I made with ribbons from the wonderful Offray ribbon outlet. 

Eighteen inches of ribbons cut and tied around a straw wreath.  Add some strips of tulle and pumpkin/gourd floral picks.
A large wire wreath base tied with six inch pieces of ribbon and fabric strips.
I'm happy with the results and enjoyed combining the colors and textures.  Next year I think I'll try some fabric pumpkins for the mantel.

Two wreaths, why not two new autumnal pillows.  I used more of those orange ribbons and did ribbon weaving for one of the pillows.  Simply cut a piece of interfacing, place it sticky side up on a pinnable surface (I used a piece of cardboard) then place strips down in a warp and weft pattern.  Iron the interfacing into place to hold the ribbons flat, creating the new "fabric."  Sew up as any ordinary pillow.  I only used two ribbons for mine so the whole project was very quick.

Ribbons pinned onto the left and top edges then woven into a large piece.

Even easier, buy a remnant at the 50% off Red Dot fabrics at Joann's and sew it into another pillow for the other corner of the family room sofa.
I had planned on starting the Chanel jacket sew along that is taking place in the blogging world.  But too many life events have gotten in the way of that plan.  It was nice to have these small projects to at least give me some creative time.  And a winter jacket project will be just the thing to keep me warm for the next seasonal change.
In the meantime, here are some pics from that wonderful family wedding.
My aunt and uncle, cousins and their children
Mr. Lucky enjoying dinner with some more family members.

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  1. What gorgeous wreaths! I wish I liked doing things like that but I don't. And I only do home dec when I absolutely have to! Lol.


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