Thursday, January 22, 2015

Packed and Ready to Sew

Off I go to my third sewing retreat in the last six months.  It's the January Winchester, VA retreat that I love more than any other and I'm definitely ready for some laughter, food, drinks and yes, even some sewing.  
Packing for a sewing retreat

Mr. Lucky and I just came back late Monday from a delightful long weekend out at Deep Creek Lake where he is a volunteer ski patroller.  I had been so preoccupied last week that I decided to pack some smaller sewing projects to occupy my daylight time.  I used up some more of my Offray ribbon stash by making ribbon trim for another autumn themed pillow.  Ok, I'm a little late but at least it is now done.
DIY ribbon trim
Next I got half way through a shirt for Mr. Lucky that has been cut out since the summer.  Perfect timing since he can wear it when we head back down to Naples, FL in March.  I even sewed up another pair of Elle pants that I will be wearing this weekend. 
Kwik Sew shirt half way done
 All those sewing projects were a great distraction from what is going on outside in our front yard today.

Yes, the joy of an almost 80 year old house means that there always some expensive maintenance to do.  Our old terra cotta sewer line died last week and is being replaced.  What makes me so sad (in addition to the "buried" expense, of course) is that a lot of my perennials are being trampled on and dug up in my front yard and along our front fence.  Yes, I can replant and they will return but those of you who are gardeners will understand my mourning.  It takes a while for perennials to reach their peak.  I was taught the gardener's mantra..."first they sleep, then they creep, then they leap" to explain the three years before perennials get that lush, thick growth in all the magazine pics.  Nothing life changing, just a little earth shattering.  My coat project got put on hold last week when this problem cropped up and I will return to it after the retreat and home improvement projects are completed.  Here's hoping your distractions are a little more enjoyable.


  1. Enjoy your sewing retreat! Such fun.
    I feel for you re the plants.

  2. Yeah, I know how you feel. Don't touch my perennials! But of course they'll be fine in a while. Have fun at the retreat!

  3. I understand the frustrations of old houses, but on the other hand they are usually so charming you have to forgive! I smiled when I saw the print on your husband's shirt. If I sewed for a man I would make one for my son. And I am sooooo jealous of your retreat. Have enough fun for all of us.

  4. I'm sure that you are having a wonderful time at your sewing retreat! I shed a tear for your perennials.

  5. Have fun at your sewing retreat!

  6. Enjoy your sewing retreat! Nice looking shirt for mr. Lucky.


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