Monday, January 12, 2015

Project Avoidance Productivity

Do you ever complete other projects while avoiding the one you thought you should be sewing?  No?  Well, I do.  On Friday I sewed up a pair of flannel pajama bottoms for Mr. Lucky that I cut out two years ago.   
One Seam Pants

They're the One Seam pants from Louise Cutting One Seam Pants customized with her marvelous sizing instructions for Mr. Lucky.

And then I sewed up a pair of chocolate brown stretchy micro cord Style Arc Elle pants....just because I could. 
You see, I was avoiding cutting out my winter coat and making that underlining decision.  Yes, I needed some small successes to plunge me into the unknown....and it worked.  I finished those two projects and that was enough to get me cutting and hand basting over the rest of the weekend.  After all that dithering I decided on a third technique and underlined the coat pieces with silk organza.  It's light but stable and crisp and I thought the cotton was just a little too soft.   
I cut each pattern piece single layer to make sure I kept the herringbone tweed fabric straight and on grain. 

I used embroidery needles with two strands of cotton embroidery thread to mark the pattern and silk thread to baste the silk organza in place.  

Isn't this the cutest little needle holder?  A friend sent it to me for Christmas several years ago and I love its practicality and clever design.  It was slightly tedious to do all the basting on the knee length long sleeved coat pattern pieces but was sweet to think of my friend whenever I rethreaded.  

Next up, sewing the coat together then making the lining decision.  Focus, Jane, focus....


  1. I could possibly hold the title in avoidance productivity rofl.. not even just sewing but other things as well. One thing good about it ( I guess) is it all needs doing right? LOL Avoidance productivity is better than avoidance nothingness LOL ... Yep I will take that tee hee

  2. At least you're sewing something! I play on the computer while I "think it through"...sometimes for hours.

  3. I think it gives you a satisfied good feeling of accomplishment to complete those unfinished projects. I am sure your husband was happy!

  4. I have a major problem with project avoidance. Usually, I can return to the "problem project" easily if I finish one of my many UFOs. Mr. Lucky is lucky with his new pj bottoms! I like your Elle pants, too. The silk organza should work well. Happy coat sewing!

  5. Yes, yes, yes to project avoidance! My problem is that I often never return to the neglected project because I forgot what I was doing! Glad you got back to your coat -- it will be beautiful.


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