Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Franken-patterning Katherine Tilton Patterns

 I made this swing top tunic in mid-January, after the big home dec project in my previous post, and wore it to our winter sewing retreat.  The Tilton sisters are so creative and I've combined two of their patterns plus my Pamela's Patterns Perfect T to come up with  unique variation.  
What do you get when you add up the side panel and pockets from this pattern

to your T shirt base and sleeves of this

and the zipper edge collar of this?


These are all Fabric Mart fabrics that I played with for a few days and did some preliminary sketching.  My collar stands up because that one textured dark grey double knit gives it more body than the rayon knit used by Katherine Tilton. I also lowered the neckline 1 1/2 inches and had to make the neckline pieces longer to fit.  I think it is such a cute detail.  When I make another version with summer fabrics and collars I will use lightweight colored zippers but these were just standard zips from my resource center.  

It's cozy and a little stylish for my casual life.  I wore it to the sixth annual Winchester, VA Northern Virginia American Sewing Guild chapter retreat, one of my favorite events each year.  Next post I'll share the very few projects that actually got made during that weekend.  Until then, I'll share a few pics of what I'll be seeing on one of the bike rides I love taking here in Florida.

I think you can understand why it's hard to leave this beautiful area...


  1. What a great pattern combination (too lovely to be called frankenpattern or pattern hack!)

    1. How sweet, Ruthie. Watching me put these things together is probably why it's a good name. I'm not a natural at this.

  2. Love that pattern and the zipper collar . I've made it a few times too. Your is special, I think !

    1. Diana, how kind of you. It is a clever collar treatment that takes it to a new level.


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