Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Burda 6809

My January sewing retreat projects started with this tunic pattern which I planned on taking for our Florida vacation.  Well, after two months my Naples friends might be tired of seeing it but I am not.  Love the pattern and can't wait to make a slew more.  
Burda 6809

I had only some minor alterations to this Burda pattern...which should be a clue to me...sew more Burda.  I shortened the back 1 1/2 inches and made the side dart 1/2 deeper.  I added 1/2 inch to the bicep area of the sleeve which was easy peasy to do since this is a nice two piece sleeve.  
At the sewing retreat I was a little very befuddled by the placket directions and had to walk through the instructions with an experienced friend who frequently sews Burda patterns.  Once I did it, yes, the directions made perfect sense.  That little point at the very bottom is quite tricky stitching but my fabric was very forgiving. 
It's burn-out polyester but lightweight enough that it doesn't feel clammy.  I do need to wear a camisole underneath so it wouldn't be suitable for the hottest and most humid summer days in Maryland.  But a nice linen version would be comfy and I think I see a knee length linen dress in my future.  
I wore it to visit a former classmate in Sarasota....and fell in love with Sarasota on a brief visit.  
I wore it again to meet up with my local Naples sewing girlfriends which is always a delightful afternoon.
Not all my sewing retreat projects worked out so well.  Next up I'll share one that needs more work and editing before I'm happy with it.  Until then, I hope you have a project that pleases you when it is completed.


  1. great tunic. Looks bright and springy. Glad you are enjoying wearing it - bet it gives you an extra kick.

  2. Love your tunic - nice, bright and happy looking!

  3. I knew that floral tunic would be perfect for Florida. It looks great. For some reason I can only comment on your blog when I am on one specific computer at home with the latest browser. That is the reason for all the catching up.


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