Sunday, April 30, 2017

Maybe Me Made May "17?

What the heck am I thinking?  I just made the commitment to participate in  Zo's Me Made May '17, Zo's Me Made May '17 post something I haven't done for several years.  Hmmm, is this because I'm succumbing to my narcissism that tells me anyone else cares what I have sewn/worn each day this month?  Is it because I want to do my part to encourage creativity and design among my friends and acquaintances?  Is it because I want to still be visible in a world that pressures me to retreat to retired senior citizen invisibility?  Is it because I want to learn more about and participate more in social media?  Is it because I want to make myself a little more neurotic in order to get a picture of myself each day no matter what else is going on in life?  Is it because I want to evaluate my wardrobe to winnow it even more and pictures help me accomplish that task?
Answer, all of the above and more.  So, let the fun begin.  My commitment is to wear a self-made garment or accessory each day in May.  I will take a picture (but not annoy you or Instagram with daily posts) each day.  I also pledge to sew one new garment each week from my resource center this month.  

I am looking forward to more sewing time in the messy sewing room studio starting tomorrow.  This past week we have been busy shopping, cleaning and cooking for today's Downton Abbey inspired afternoon tea for six guests.  I tried several new recipes which were mixed in their results...much like trying new sewing patterns.  But the day was such fun and exhausting and a nice way to gather with friends....and share leftovers with neighbors.  

Scones, cookies, salmon, sausage rolls and Marmalade Cake inspired by Jan Karon's Father Tim/Mitford books. Mitford Marmalade Cake Mine tilted to one side but was still darn delicious.  
Let the May festivities begin....


  1. What a fun event and theme. Lovely outfits and everything look so fantastic.
    Good luck with MMM.

  2. Don't fall down the invisible retiree hole. Perish the thought.
    I enjoy watching everyone commit to MeMadeMay even if I don't have enough time in the day to sew all my clothes. Posting a photo of my self-drafted and hand-sewn work shorts worn six days a week would get old fast.
    I always wanted to try that Marmalade cake except I can't eat any part of it. I will have to pull out my Bob's Red Mill All in One gluten free flour to see if I can make enough substitutions to at least score a bite.
    Everything looks lovely.


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