Friday, April 5, 2019

New and Improved Pamela's Patterns #111 Banded Front Cardigan with Pocket

This sewing project was inspired by the Netflix series, "Tidying Up with Marie Kondo" which I binge watched when it aired at the start of January.  I had read the book years ago and had not been inspired but loved the series.  I always have regular collection boxes for household goods and clothing to go to the twice yearly hospital "nearly new" sale but this series was the additional push I needed to evaluate some past garments.  
I was pulling out clothing to pack for our winter journey to Florida and tried on the two cardigans I had made in past years....but seldom wore. two cardigans
Why?  Well, another very popular pattern, the Blackwood Cardigan,Blackwood Cardigan from Helen's closet gave me a clue.  I realized that what I disliked was the angle of the front band on the Pamela's Patterns Banded Front.  I thought that it really should hang down straight with a slight opening, much like the wider but straight front of the Blackwood.  I had a fitting schedule with Sarah Veblen who can figure out how to make my visions come true and she concurred and gave me the simplest solution....pinch out a dart in the side front panel, remove the excess side seam fabric that I thought I needed to make those front edges meet and wow, what an improvement.
Side panel has drag lines
Pin out a 2 inch dart on the side panel and do the same on the pattern
My mock up marked with the excess fabric I needed to remove from the lower side seam
New version with straight band, lengthened and pockets added for those dog treats
The other element I liked about the Blackwood Cardigan was the pockets but I never like patch pockets in knits, especially this lightweight sweater knit from Fabric Mart.  I pulled out my favorite patch pocket technique from a Threads Magazine article and added pockets that won't bag to both of my new and improved versions.  
Valentine's Day version I sewed while in Florida in February 
My favorite patch pocket because it stays flat
So thanks to Marie Kondo and her "spark joy" principle, I have two new cardigans that spark joy when I wear them and two others that have moved on to new homes.  And here are some more things that spark joy in my life:


  1. Love "your" version of patch pockets. I'll have to give them a go. I've been adding pockets to various versions of Pamela's patterns, and this new-to-me variation is a definite must-try.

  2. Put in that dart, and presto! drag lines are gone and cardigan suddenly looks just perfect. Dogs are joy giving aren't they? and husbands too sometimes.

  3. Thanks for the cardigan pockets tip.


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