Monday, December 30, 2019

Bucket List Fabrics and Top Nine 2019

2019 is rapidly closing so for my own record (because saving and searching on IG frustrates the heck out of me) are my top nine makes in 2019:

When Mr. Lucky and I thought we were moving two months ago, my heart skipped a beat with the excitement of a bright new big sewing space.  And then it almost stopped when I was faced with the prospect of packing, moving and unpacking all of my sewing supplies, particularly my fabric collection.  The sale didn't go through but on one of my almost daily long walks I contemplated that mountain of the house physically and in my mind mentally.  This "new" house was/is intended to be the next stop before we wind up in senior housing down the road.  We don't need another house but we're looking for one with a few more creature comforts...easier parking, central air everywhere, smaller yard...and more studio space so I can have twice monthly sewing/crafting/creativity salon time with girlfriends.  

So let's say that last move is ten, twelve, fifteen or more years away...if I continue to be so lucky.  What are the special fabrics I have that I would like to make sure I get to sew and wear during that time?  What are my bucket list fashion fabrics?  I gave myself an arbitrary number of 20...and an arbitrary time of five years.  What are twenty of my most precious (for whatever reason) fabrics that I want to sew and wear in the next five years?

If you don't stash or have a full resource center then that question may be a moot one.  If you are decades younger then it too won't resonate.  If you haven't been shopping at Fabric Mart for a quarter of a century then your pile stash collection is probably smaller.  But among my sewing pals it's a thoughtful concept nonetheless.

So here are my Bucket List fabrics from November musings.  Most of these are silks or woolens and I have ideas in my mind but am not committing to any particular projects yet.  Even as I culled these photos some are more precious to me than others for various reasons and you may feel the same about particular fabrics. Picture heavy, beware.  In no particular order:

Wool herringbone tweed from the Sewing Bee Expo in London, 2017
Fabric Mart tweed with color I love
Fabric Mart silk rayon velvet...used in a jacket earlier this month, hooray
Fabric Mart boucle with green and sand, my colors for sure
From forever ago at the PA Fabric Outlet in Baltimore, narrow woolen yardage that looks like Harris Tweed
From Michael's Fabrics in Baltimore my most expensive piece and probably a Linton boucle
Silk from Misan in London
From Fabric Mart a soft woolen jacquard
From Mood a two tone stretch woven
Fabric Mart, gold snakeskin print on denim
Sweater knit, Fabric Mart
Maybe the second oldest piece in this collection, a boucle from Louise Cutting
Silk, Fabric Mart
Silk, Fabric Mart
Silk, Fabric Mart
Liberty silk, Goldhawk Road shop, London
Silk, rayon burnout, Fabric Mart

Metallic thread boucle, Fabric Mart
Silk, Fabric Mart
Wool double knit, Misan, London
Watch this space to see what the remaining 19 become.  Do you have bucket list fabrics?  

PS 2019 is rapidly closing so for my own record (because saving and teaching on IG frustrates the heck out of me) are my top nine makes in 2019:

Vogue 1440, Sewing Workshop Frankie Shirt, Banded Front Cardigan Pamela's Patterns, Jalie Elenore jeans done as pool pants, Burda 7585 and Vogue 7155 mashup, Vogue 8813, Butterick 6244, Burda 3018, Self-drafted top

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