Friday, December 27, 2019

Holiday Wishes and Holiday Sewing

It's still the holiday season at our house so I like to think that this post isn't later than planned but is just part of the festivities in and out of my sewing room.  

Mr. Lucky and I have had an interesting last two months because of something that didn't happen, not something that did.  After many visits and long discussions, we made an offer on a house in late October.  I won't bore you with real estate blow by blow (this is a sewing blog after all) but after two weeks the sale did not go through...although we were already acting like it would, thinking about furniture, making dump trips from our back shed, tackling fabric stuff in the attic, and deciding what would go with us and what would go elsewhere.  We are fortunate that right now in our lives we could buy a "next house" and then put ours up for sale so at least we weren't caught in a no home dilemma when the seller reneged on the contract.  Long intro to say that I did do some holiday sewing but it fell into the quick and mostly easy fashion version.  Thank goodness for tried and true patterns that I know will work.  It wasn't very exciting but it did mean I had several new outfits for the round of festivities in the last six weeks.

TNT number 1 must be these Jalie #3461 Elenore Pull on Jeans. Jalie Elenore Jeans I streamline them even more by eliminating the faux front pockets and zipper since I haven't tucked a top into my jeans since the 80's.  These are two versions from Fabric Mart stretch poly charmeuse. They aren't warm but I loved the colors and a mild so far two months meant they served their purpose and can now retire.  Hmmm, maybe I'll just pack them away with the autumn and Christmas decorations.
Jalie Elenore Pull on Jeans
Jalie Elenore Pull On jeans
Another quick and easy pattern is Pamela's Patterns Magic Pencil Skirt. Pencil Skirt When we were six month snowbirds in Florida six plus years back I made these by the dozen.  This version is Fabric Mart stretch lace with sequins where I used the finished edge for my hem. 
 I think the magic happened that night when I wore it dancing for several hours which was fabulous after that terrible Grade 3 sprained ankle in late summer and physical therapy all fall.  And the other magic was getting an unsolicited compliment which you know sewists love to hear.

We usually dance to this marvelous Maryland band, Mood Swings, in outdoor venues on concrete but the Dec. Holly Ball has become a new tradition and the dance floor is a dream.    
Mood Swings sets the holiday mood

I have several tank patterns that are my go to answer for adding a new color or in this case texture to an outfit.  This is a Vogue 8699 shoulder princess seam tank that I made in a stretchy I think nylon/poly textured piece from Fabric Mart with a thin black knit lining.  I used the selvedge as piping along the neckline and I'm happy with how it took the Banded Front Cardigan Banded Front Cardigan also from Pamela's Patterns from nice to nicer.  
Vogue 8699,  Princess shoulder seams front and and back

Selvedge as front binding

Hmmm, animal print with animal print but my demure version
The last project for winter parties was inspired by a treasured piece of fabric.  As part of that anticipated house move I started tackling the enormous amount of fabric I have in my resource center.  I've spent many hours since that failed sale back in the resource center labeling and organizing the fabrics that I love and want to use and sending the other pieces on to their next homes.  More about that in an upcoming post or two.  
I reached deep into a closet for this paisley silk rayon velvet from Fabric Mart which must be at least ten years old and is part of a collection of silk velvets that I have been avoiding.  I've always heard how hard it is to sew, how much basting is needed, how maybe I should use spray adhesive.  I watched videos from Linda Lee and Kenneth King  on Bluprint (formerly Craftsy.)  I read a fabulous tutorial on the Emmaonesock site by the oh so talented Kathryn Brenne  Silk velvet Tutorial by Kathryn Brenne  I read and fretted and worried and finally sat down with a scrap of fabric.  I attached the HP plate (straight stitch plate) to my Janome 9400, new to me last Christmas, and then the narrow HP2 foot which is basically a narrow straight stitch walking foot.  When I started the sew I was shocked.  My machine treated that silk rayon velvet just like any other woven fabric.  Minimal slippage or bunching.  Hooray, this jacket project was going to be  a lot easier than I had ever anticipated.

I wanted a loose, flowing type of jacket for casual holiday parties.  I had worn a Fit for Art jacket recently and got several compliments so decided to duplicate the swing panel version with this fabric.  Tabula Rasa Swing Variations by Fit for Art  
Ok, sewing machine ready.  Pattern tested and ready.  Big velvet decision:  which way to place the nap?  Most of the time the nap on velvet is placed so that when wearing it you brush downward for a smooth feel.  But when I draped the fabric over my dress form, I liked the side where the nap headed up because the colors were deeper and richer.
In this photo I selected the right side, not the left.  The left was brighter and more detailed but I wanted this jacket for night time wear so went with the right side.  You might decide differently and isn't that the fun part of sewing your own clothes!
For the lining I used washed silk charmeuse from Fabric Mart.  I loved Kathryn Brenne's silk jacket which she underlined in silk organza and then lined but I was doing this too last minute to even consider that option.  

I did lose some of the burn out effect by using the lining on this particular fabric but this time of year I am always cold so I did enjoy that charmeuse lining the evening of the party.  It also made it slide nicely over my bottom layer.  Some of those other burn outs in my resource center will be just single layers worn over a tank top. 
For my final decision I did turn the jacket band with the more contrasting velvet design.  And wow, silk velvet around your neck feels wonderful.
Final evaluation:  I liked it, it was cozy and fun but I'm still looking for something kimono like with flow but not baggy and shapeless.  

Off to eat, drink and enjoy another holiday gathering.  
Here's hoping that your holidays have been merry and bright.  Next post I'll let you peer into that "resource center." 

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