Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Are You Pinterest-ed?

First of all, how did I spend my "spare" time before the internet?  Yikes!  I've always been an eclectic reader which is one of the reasons I love libraries and thought Borders was heaven when they first opened in our town.  I was always scribbling notes to myself about some new book to check out, CD to try.    When cable TV started I taped sewing, craft and home improvement shows each day and filled my head with potential ideas.  Same thing when computer "bulletin boards" first gave me regular daily exposure to wonderful seamstresses around the world who shared their ideas, techniques and inspiration.  Then the internet exploded with pictures and videos and websites and blogs and sometimes I feel like my head could explode with information.  Now I have a new passion, my electronic bulletin board or notebook,  I try to limit my exposure and my "pins" thing I have learned with age is that too much is not necessarily a good thing after all.  But I love having a place to stop and mark some marvelous idea, whether it's a fashion design detail, embellishment technique, project for the house, new recipe or gift instructions.  So, are you interested in Pinterest....or is is too much of a good thing and not worth more computer time for you?
Ok, if you insist.  I'll show you mine if you show me yours...
Jane's Pins


  1. I do find this intriguing, however... after some investigation, I decided that I do not need yet another place to collect "inspiration". I have yet to catch up with all the ideas I've collected so far.

  2. DD started a "Pin" account. She was sharing her page with me the other evening. I will wait until the first of year to "Pinterest" Maybe by January I will have more time to invest in it.

  3. I have been to that site is that correct word once before. I don't really understand it LOL ... When I clicked on things on it nothing happened. I will use your link and try it again.

    Though I must admit I too am about at capacity for keeping up time wise. :O)

  4. I really love the design on the skirt. It's so unique. You are all an inspiration, and sometimes intimidating, because everything looks so perfect.


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