Friday, August 26, 2011

What's Your Lining?

The jacket is coming along quite nicely and I'm just about ready to cut out and add the lining. Bleeech.   I dislike sewing jacket linings but I love having them in a jacket.  The slippery fabric takes more time to layout (yes, I use old newspaper underneath) and it frays annoyingly as I sew plus there's no give so easing means pleats sometimes.  (Can't you just hear the whining...)  But I'm almost always happier when I've made this decision to line a jacket.  It's worth the hassle, I just needed to complain before I buckled down and did it. 

No major pictures but I will say that the four neck darts did their proper job and also look sort of cool.   I did something a little unusual for the interfacing.  Rather than interface the upper back before I sewed the darts, I stitched down the darts then applied the fusible interfacing over them.  I made sure to press it on over my ham to keep the curve necessary but it seems to have turned out well.
Jacket back at neck after fusing

Since I'm combining fabrics in this jacket, I did some combination testing today.  Here's the flat piping sample that I decided to use.

Speaking of linings, I want to give some praise to Fabric Mart once again.  I've been using up some lightweight stretch poly lycra lining that I bought earlier this summer.  I've made a half dozen stretch woven sheaths and the same number of Pamela's Pegged Skirts with this lining fabric.  I wouldn't use poly for a jacket but it's been wonderful to have inexpensive stretch lining for these other two projects.  Yesterday I called and asked for a new supply in a range of any colors and my box arrived this afternoon.  $2 a yard and there's plenty more in store, I believe.  But I think you may have to ask Chris or Sandy for these specifically since I did not see these linings on the website.  

We're heading out to the last Little Italy outdoor movie this evening.  It's traditional to close with the charming and touching "Cinema Paradiso."  The sun is still shining and people will be enjoying the evening but we're also getting regular hurricane updates regularly.  My church has already cancelled Sunday services.  I'm planning on making a drive to the sewing retreat in Northern VA tomorrow to just visit for a few hours....and fill up the car with wine from Trader Joe's.  But I'll be checking the morning radar along with lots of other people along the East Coast in case I have to make alternate plans.  Plenty to eat, drink and read in our house but I do miss my electricity when it goes.  Hope you have a safe and enjoyable weekend wherever you are.


  1. Lining a jacket is not my favorite part either, but like you I like the neat finish.
    Love the fabric, nice texture.

  2. It is lovely looking fabric, I like your idea re the interfacing shaping.
    Lining is annoying to sew, I agree.

  3. I hope you get to stop in Vacarro's for some wonderful Italian cookies! My family (and extended family) has enjoyed Vacarro's goodies for many years. Enjoy the movie tonight.
    Thanks for sharing about the lining from Fabric Mart!

  4. I feel the same about linings. That is a VERY COOL jacket fabric. I want details! :)

  5. Stay safe okay :O)... I will be glad when I know exactly what type fabrics to use for what type clothing sewing projects. Again my clothing sewing fabric knowledge is a bit weak, I am much stronger at Interior Design fabrics, what I have done :O), but I am learning on the clothing :O)!

  6. I love your fabric choice for jacket. I like neckline darts.

  7. Lovely jacket print and only of late have taken to incorporating neck darts in my tops.

  8. Definitely ditto on the linings! Worth the hassle, though! Those pleats at the back are a very interesting feature...
    thank you for your comment! Book Week is a little like our version of Halloween I guess, except it is at school during school hours and only applies to kids under the age of ten. Children dress up as their favourite book character and wear their costume at school all day; and there is no door-knocking and no begging for food.


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